4 Ideas for Low Maintenance Living


Ideal location

What is your idea of desirable living? Wealth? Fame? Maybe you’re not quite so pie in the sky; desiring to live a life free from stress and worry, keeping it low maintenance is just about as perfect as it gets.

Low maintenance living can encompass several different ideas. Let’s capitalize on a few ways that you could enjoy low maintenance living and enjoy your life that much more.

First of all, you could be talking about physically low maintenance. Having a home that is low maintenance requires ease of access such as not a lot of stairs.

  1. If you or a loved one has physical limitations, something like stairs, that would not be a big deal ordinarily becomes a huge hassle. A single level home on the ground floor is definitely preferable.
  2. There’s also the size of the house that you should think about. Walking for long periods of time can be taxing on some people so the house should be designed in such a way that there is not a lot of walking required from the residents.
  3. This is not a common problem, but I knew an older couple that came across this issue: if you are tall, counters and sinks need to be raised to fit your height so that you are not stooping or leaning to wash hands or cook dinner.

Or you could be referring to economically low maintenance which is pretty self explanatory;

  1. Lowering costs of utilities with economical AC units and low flow toilets and shower heads, etc.
  2. A smaller home that requires a lower mortgage or rent.
  3. Minimalist living which requires less material possessions thus less spending and upkeep.

Perhaps you are actually referring to the general mentality of living in a desirable location where the safety is such that you can:

  1. Leave your car and house doors unlocked without fear of a break in.
  2. Allow the children to play outside without watching constantly from the window, for predators and cars unaware.
  3. Forget to turn on the security alarm when you leave the house and not go back to do it or perhaps not even have one at all.

Another possible way to define living a low maintenance life would be who you are surrounded by.

  1. Having all the children living nearby with the grandchildren.
  2. Having time to spend with your brand new baby boy.
  3. Living in a smaller place where the family gets to see each other and have common rooms.

Finding the ideal location for you and your family is not an easy one but it’s definitely doable. The ideal neighborhood is not a cut and dry idea; it depends on what you are looking for. If you have children then maybe you need townhomes near your school district and to make sure that the safety factor is high. However, if you are retiring than perhaps the physical low maintenance living is what you are more concerned about. Whatever your needs are, it is possible to meet them, you just have to look.