Why It’s So Important To Get Enough Sleep Every Night


Adjustible beds

Are you waking up in the morning and feeling so sore and exhausted that you wonder if you’re sleeping at all during the night? Sleep-related problems are all too common today, and it’s estimated that around 50 million Americans have trouble sleeping through the night.

Many people have made substantial changes to their bedtime routines and bedroom environments to make sure that they’re getting the best chances of falling asleep; from setting a regular sleep schedule, to turning off the TV and cell phone at night, and even upgrading their regular bed to an adjustable bed or adjustable mattress — it’s all part of ensuring that your body is as comfortable as possible so that you can get the sleep quality that you need.

Although people often know that they need sleep, they don’t always know what happens when they don’t get the sleep they need. Here are just a few ways that a lack of sleep can really affect your mind and body:

  • According to a National Sleep Foundation poll in 2015, people who get more sleep are more likely to have a higher level of overall happiness. In this particular survey, respondents who noted higher levels of happiness tended to sleep around 20-30 minutes more than the people who rated their happiness levels on the lower end of the scale.
  • When your sleep quality isn’t good, it’s likely related to being unable to find comfort while sleeping. Normal beds typically don’t support the natural contours of the human body, and this results in muscle strain and tension throughout the night.
  • Mentally and physically, you can experience a variety of problems if you’re getting too little sleep each night for a long time. Memory problems and decision making skills can become impaired with sleep deprivation, your body will be hungrier during the day, and your immune system will become weaker.

No matter what you need to do to improve your sleep quality, it’s definitely worth it!