Have You Considered Renting a Luxury Loft Downtown?


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The husband had a major surprise planned for his wife and it caught her totally off guard. Although the couple had a beautiful home in the western suburbs of Omaha, they found that they were spending more and more evenings downtown. College basketball games at the big arena by the river, concerts at the same venus, and late night work events at the wife’s office, also located downtown, were starting to take their toll.
Late night trips back home were complicated by first needing to get out of concert and athletic venues, and then finding the fastest routes out of the parking structures. So, as a solution to the problem, the husband scheduled a meeting with a realtor in one of the newer city loft apartments that were conveniently located between his wife’s office and the large city arena. Thinking she was just meeting her husband for a long lunch, the wife was surprised, but thrilled, when dessert was served upstairs in one of the newly remodeled city loft apartments overlooking the river.
In love with the new residence, the couple was not quite willing to sell their five bedroom home in the suburbs, but now that all of the kids were graduated from college and living on their own, it was easier to spend nights in the downtown loft, a simple cab ride or short walk away from concerts, basketball games, and evening events at work.
Sometimes the realization hits a person early in life, sometimes it isn’t until a person is older, but making mortgage payments on a large home is not the best option for everyone. The newest homeowners, for example, often spend the first five years of their time in a home simply giving away money to a bank, never making a dent in the purchase price of the house. If these new homeowners are like nearly 33% of all buyers they will likely relocate within five years, long before they start building any equity in the home.
Likewise, long time homeowners often find that switching to a new luxury apartment in a downtown location can be a more practical solution than maintaining a large home miles away from entertainment and airport travel options.
A loft apartment or other apartment living options can allow residents to decrease their monthly housing payments and use expensive down payments for other options, like entertainment and travel. The best apartments, condos, and city loft apartments also offer many amenities that make living in a multi family building attractive. Professionally managed condos and apartments, for instance, offer financial security, while also providing a higher standard of service, like on-site maintenance, state of the art security systems and local delivery options for food and laundry
Many people are at the point in their lives where convenience is a priority. While home prices can increase and decrease according to the latest market trends, renting provides predictable costs, without any long term commitments.