How to Find a Wedding Location


Learning to play golf

Every day, an average of 7,000 couples marry every day in the United States. These marriages are part of a changing image of marriage currently taking place in the U.S.; for example, according to a Pew Research Report, whereas 72% of adults ages 18 and older were married in 1960, only 51% of this same group was married in 2010. Another factor of this change is the evolving, individualized concept of the weddings themselves: weddings now range in price from $70,000 in New York City to $13,214 in Utah, and venues can now include anything from destination wedding places to a more traditional church location. However, if you are searching for a place that combines tradition, elegance, and outdoor beauty with a modern twist, the typical places to have a wedding are likely not for you. Instead, consider holding your wedding reception at a golf club.

At first thought, a golf club might seem like a place better suited for learning to play golf or holding public golf tournaments instead of one of the best places to have a wedding. However, golf clubs offer a variety of benefits to any wedding: firstly, golf course greens and grounds are famed for their well-manicured lawns and beautiful properties, making them an ideal place for an outdoor wedding. Secondly, many golf clubs have beautiful buildings, excellent restaurants, and catering companies that can help make your event a success. Thirdly, because many events are held at golf clubs, from corporate meetings to the public golf tournaments that likely initially came to mind, their staff members are prepared to meet the needs of your wedding. However, the most important reason to hold your wedding at a golf club may be the opportunity to better monitor your budget.

Like every wedding, golf club events come in a wide array of prices and styles. However, with the way weddings are evolving, price and individuality are often valued as equal factors. Around 93% of brides say they plan to use the Internet to plan their weddings, often creating many elements of the ceremony and reception themselves in order to meet their budget. Due to the fact that golf clubs often hold a number of events, they can often give prospective wedding parties accurate price estimations for their wedding, helping the bride and groom choose and accurately budget the best venue for them. Continue.