The Top Three Reasons Why People Move



Deciding whether or not to move can be difficult for some people. Many of us have yet to move once in our leaves — while others have moved more times than they can remember. Moving really isn’t technically that major of a phenomenon, in the grand scheme of things; in fact, it’s believed that the average person moves 12 times over the course of their life. But it can feel like a big decision in the moment, especially if you’re moving far away. Certainly, a move is a big commitment, and involves a lot of time and planning. You don’t just need to worry about the big things, like finding a new house and job; you also need to consider the small but crucial details, like choosing a responsible moving company and ensuring that you get to your new home with all of your belongings intact. So, no — most of us don’t and shouldn’t take the act of moving lightly. So what prompts a move in the first place? Why is it that so many of us find ourselves relocating frequently throughout life? Some of the reasons are practical, while other times the decision to move is made based on emotional reasons. Below, we’ll explore some of the top reasons why people choose to move.

1. College Education

One of the major reasons why people choose to change locations is to get a college education. Now, many college students initially choose to stay in dorms for their first year or two of school — in fact, many universities make this a requirement for freshmen students. But after that initial move, lots of students decide to make their relocation a bit more permanent and put down some kinds of roots in their college town, even if they don’t plan on staying after they get their degree. Sometimes, people find themselves making the switch to their college town permanent unexpectedly, after being offered a great job or entering a serious relationship. Others find themselves moving more precisely because they got a college education. It’s estimated that 77% of college educated people have changed communities at least once, compared to 56% of people without college degrees. Having a college education means that you’ll be more likely to get a job that motivates you to change communities — and that first move to your college town will probably make you more comfortable with the idea of “leaving home”. Of course, this leads us into our next major reason…

2. Changing Jobs

Did you know that about 57% of Americans have never left their home states? Of course, 15% have lived in four or more states. Whether you leave your state or not, there’s a decent chance that if you’re changing towns, you’re doing so because of a new job. A job is a very good reason to move out of town — and a great reason to get in touch with a residential moving service. Even if you’re nervous about moving, you can’t deny the call of a new job, and for many, moving out of town because of a new job presents an exciting adventure. While it might be scary at first, it’s actually a step in the right direction. It’s more likely that you’ll regret not taking a great job than you would taking it, and moving because of a job can be easier than moving for other reasons. Lots of companies provide relocation packages that help new hires or promoted employees move, making the process much simpler.

3. Relationships

Yes, many people really do move because of relationships. While a long distance romance might work for a short period of time, for the long term most people want to live together. While moving because of a relationship may seem rash, many people do find jobs near their loved ones first. The great thing about moving to be with someone is that you do have a support system waiting for you — often not only just a loved one, but their family and friends.