Do You Trust Your Drinking Water?


Reverse osmosis

Are you concerned about your drinking water? Perhaps you should be. With the down-right alarming features in the news over the past year surrounding the pipes that supply our homes, schools, and businesses with drinking water, many citizens wonder if they would be better off taking matters into their own hands. But how? Before you start considering the benefits of digging your own well, take a moment to consider a whole home water filtration system.

Is Hard Water Making Your Hair Brittle, Your Drinking Glasses Cloudy, and Your Drinking Water Yucky?

Yes, hard water can cause all of these annoying side effects; it actually effects about 85% of all households. How do you know if your drinking water is “hard?” It’s easy to have water tested. The hardness measures the amount of calcium carbonate in the water. The amount of grains per galleon determines the rating, i.e., each grain means there are 17.1 milligrams of calcium carbonate per liter of water. The effects of having hard water can be seen at about 7 grains, which isn’t even qualified as very hard water.

Soft Water Doesn’t Just Sound Lovely, It’s Effects Are Pretty Sweet Too.

If there is a type of water that is hard, it stands to reason that there must be water that qualifies as soft. It actually occurs naturally in the form of rain water, but the actual definition means that there is an absence or low concentration of minerals such as calcium carbonate, magnesium, and ions. The absence of these minerals means less buildup on drinking glasses, and your hair.

Is a Water Softener Filtration System the Answer?

The real question is: how much water do you drink? If you are not consuming the generally recommended eight glasses of eight ounces each day, you may want to reconsider. A cup or two of water has been shown to reduce headaches near instantaneously, without medication. Drinking water has also been linked to eating less during meal times, and increased mental focus.

Wondering what water’s benefits have to do with hard water versus soft water? Water systems will filter your water. A good one will remove excess minerals. What happens when the minerals are removed is a benefit that has not been addressed. Your water will taste better. It will, therefore, be easy to drink more of it.