5 Tips For Surviving the Terrible Twos Without Pulling All of Your Hair Out


Toddler screaming tantrums

Toddlers might be cute, but they are absolutely terrible. In fact, dealing with the terrible twos is one of the lesser discussed nightmares of early parenting. During this time, every parent’s sanity is put to the test, as is your white rug, your ear drums, and your dog’s poor tail.
So how can parents survive this scarring time of blue-faced tantrums, toddler screaming tantrums, and picky toddler eaters? Read on to find out:

Offer consequences
Terrible twos behavior is characterized by the constant testing of limits. Show your toddler that there are limits and expectations by establishing reasonable consequences for negative behavior. For example, if your child is a hair puller, every time she pulls someone’s hair, tell her “No” firmly then give her a time out or take away a privileges.

Give them empowering choices
Two-year-olds are desperate to feel some semblance of agency over their tiny cherub selves. By giving them choices, you will help them feel like they have some power. Meanwhile, you are winning because you get to dictate the two choices they make. For example, when offering them a food choice, ask if they want either turkey or roast beef on their sandwich, or peanut butter with or without jelly. This will seem like a privilege to them and they will appreciate the gesture.

Give them responsibility
Responsibilities help children feel powerful. Have them help out around the house by helping set the table, throw out a napkin , or other simple tasks that will not only build their confidence but will help build a sense of trust.

STOP enabling behavior
Okay. I know it’s hard. But terrible twos behavior will only persist if you keep reinforcing it. Try not to react to everything. Instead, choose your battles and react to things when appropriate.

Praise them
Praising positive behavior is key here. Ignoring bad behavior and heaping on praise for good behavior will help to reinforce better habits.