Do You Know Anything About Buying a New Home?


Nearly 32% of new home buyers are first-time home buyers. Whether you are a buyer or a seller saving money or making enough money can be difficult when it comes to the real estate market. When you employ the services of a realtor, you have a trusted professional that can help you through the entire real estate process. Real estate agents know their local market, have great negotiation skills and can help their clients reach their goals including getting the most desirable cost.

Do You Need Help Buying a Home?

Real estate agents know both sides of real estate transactions. When you are ready to purchase a new house, your real estate agent has great knowledge concerning the local market for the area in which you would like to live. If you are not sure where you would like to live in a specific area, a real estate agent in Los Gatos can introduce you to new homes that meet your criteria. Real estate agents know market trends, can recommend realistic prices and assist their clients in receiving a fair deal.

Real Estate Agents Have All of the Right Resources

When it comes to having all of the right resources you can depend on skilled real estate agents. They have plenty of experience working with other realtors, home inspectors, mortgage consultants, title companies and attorneys. If a complication comes to light during the buying or selling process, your realtor will know who to recommend to help with specific situations and can serve as an intermediary. A real estate agent also has access to tools including the multiple listing service that provides much-needed market data that is not otherwise available from consumer real estate sites online.

Do You Know Everything You Need to Know About Real Estate Transactions?

Most people do not know everything they need to know about the steps of a real estate transaction. There are actually many steps with repairs and inspections in between it all. Throughout this process, a real estate agent must remain your top negotiator. As a seller’s agent they can advise on what repairs will be more lucrative. As a buyer’s agent they will look for any problems in a home that could cost thousands of dollars after you purchase a home.

Assistance Is Imperative When Making Major Financial Purchases

A realtor can keep you from purchasing property that would be more costly later and save you money. This is a great reason to use a realtor among many others. Essentially, a real estate agent cannot lie. They could, but as a licensed professional the repercussions would be too great. Licensed agents typically work under an agency agreement and are bound to act in your best interests. Besides, realtors tend to rely on referrals and are always happy to build a larger clientele base. You can depend on your realtor to do what is best for you.

Is Not Using a Realtor Really Saving You Money?

Sometimes people believe that they can save more money by not using a realtor. Is this really true? Not using a real estate agent tends to cost more money. Of course, there are people qualified to sell their home. However, a real estate transaction is never cut and dry or simple. There is more to the process than just selling your home. It is very easy to get into difficult situations that could otherwise be avoided with wise advice and services offered by a skilled realtor.