Labor Day Is Often the Last Lake Day for Many Families


The beach towels are put away for the year.

The last weekend of summer was epic, and this Labor Day weekend generated many memories, but it is now time to store the beach towels under the laundry room sink and focus on the school year again.

You are not certain how much longer you will manage to carve out these charming summers, but this year was one when you were able to limit the summer sports for the kids and the family spent many long weekends at the lake. And while you will still spend time at the lake house off and on as the weather allows, the long days on the beach and in the water have come to an end for the year. As you pack away the beach towels for another summer, you relive some of the best memories of summers gone by.

The Powerpuff Girls towel is more than faded, but you still remember the day when that towel served the purpose of keeping your daughter calm and the blood from a bit tongue of her swimsuit and the carseat. On that day to the waterpark gone wrong, you had no more than entered the kiddie area of the swimming pool more than a 30 minute drive from your house. Fortunately, on that day you had a young babysitter along with you. As was your practice when the two girls were young, when you went to a water park type pool you always paid a babysitting friend to come along. With your oldest only six years old and your youngest just more than two, a crowded water park required two “adults.” The day of the bitten lounge your older daughter asked if she could head off to the frog slide. You granted permission and she was off.

You and the babysitter were setting up camp, confident that your frog sliding daughter would be fine going down the smallest slide in the area. Within minutes, however, you noticed something was wrong. You heard her scream above the rest of the noise in the area and rushed out to help her. The second trip down the slide resulted in your daughter nearly biting through her tongue and blood was everywhere, streaming down her wet little body at what appeared a more alarming rate than it really was.

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The babysitter watched your younger daughter who was not even out of the stroller yet while you carried your older daughter to the lifeguard station, stopping by to gather a towel along the way. As blood began to stain the Powerpuff Girls towel your bleeding daughter now started to cry even more worried that she was wrecking her favorite towel. You knew, of course that that the cotton towels that you brought to the pool and to the lake would easily wash. And while this may have been the most blood any of the towels had seen, you were more concerned about your child dripping blood across the cement on the way to the lifeguard stand.

The first aid person did a great job of calming you and your daughter and said a trip to the doctor was recommended. Although the young worker was certain there would be little to do for the tongue and assured you and your daughter that it would heal quickly, a trip to the doctor would eliminate further concerns. Your babysitter read the situation correctly and by the time you returned to the space you had claimed, she had gathered up all of the pool accessories and was ready to help get to the car.

That towel alone brought back instant memories about why it was still in the stack of towels that made it on and off the boat these many years later.
Since the days of Powerpuff Girls you have had a number of beach towels that have been favorites. Yours are the more expensive spa style towels and accessories that you like to have in the master bath. Sometimes even one or two of those towels will make their way out onto the boat, but for all of their luxury they simply do not carry the memories of this single Powerpuff Girl towel.