Choose Apps to Simplify Managing Rentals


As of 2016, 65% of households were headed by people under the age of 35 that preferred renting, that percentage is up from 57% of renters in 2006. This just proves that more people are turning to rentals for living space. That means you have the potential as a landlord to find more renters today.

However being a landlord can be challenging. You need a landlord app, or apps, that can help you focus. There are many apps available including rental property apps that help show rental property listings, rent statistics apps that help you keep abreast of vital information and many more.

Being a landlord does not have to be a tough job. Sure, it may seem like there isn’t enough time in the day to tackle everything you need to do from performing maintenance, finding renters, managing payments and even filing taxes. A lot of those tasks can be performed using landlord apps including a rental listing app.

Landlord Apps Like a Rental Listing App Are the Answer

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, there are several apps available for both that help you keep a firm hold on investment property endeavors. It is always a good idea to try a rental listing app to see how you like it before you decide on an app to use. Download different types to find a rental listing app that suits all of your requirements.

It goes without saying that listing rental property is a pain. You need to be able to get your rentals in front of as many possible renters as you can. Try using the Zillow Rental Manger, a great rental listing app that allows rental posting simultaneously for several different sites such as Trulia, Zillow, HotPads along with other rental sites. Cast your rental net wider and more efficiently using Zillow Rental Manager.

Property Buddy is your rental listing buddy. Consider it to be a do-it-yourself landlord app for landlords renting multiple properties. You can upload many details for each listing as well as track lease information and payments all from an intuitive dashboard. It is a great way to keep track of funds that are coming in and going out.

As a landlord it is expected to expect the unexpected. Thumbtack is a great landlord app that helps curb the unexpected including leaky roofs, irresponsible tenants and more. This app aids by being able to send out multiple requests to multiple professionals so they can bid for your projects. It is a reliable and quick solution.

In order to get more rentals, it helps if you can make rentals even more aesthetically pleasing. Homestyler is an app that aids in renovations. Just take pictures of the interior of your rentals so you can see how they would look with different design elements. It is a wonderful app that can show prospective tenants recommendations for everything from furniture to wall colors.

It is important as a landlord, that you work smarter, not harder. Apps are the perfect way to embark on smarter landlording. Technology can make your job much easier and landloring apps are an excellent way to start!