Here are 3 Benefits of Donating Your Used Clothing to Charity


The vast majority of Americans make some form of charitable donation every year, which includes Red Cross donations. These donations can be financial but also include used clothing donations. Used clothing can be donated for a number of reasons, for example if it no longer fits or if you simply don’t like the item of clothing anymore. Tons of used clothing items are donated every year and there are numerous benefits that come from donating old clothing to charity. This article will look at a few of those benefits.

  • Donating Used Clothing Helps Families in Need: One benefit that comes if you donate used clothing in the form of Red Cross donations is that your donations will help families in need. Instead of going to waste in a closet, or worse, used clothes donations can go to help families in need that have lost their clothing due to natural disaster or an accident.
  • Donating Clothing Can Open Up Space in Your Home: Another benefit that comes from donating your used clothing is that it can open up space in your home. It’s estimated that Americans consume over 20 billion pieces of clothing each year, which works out to around 68 outfits per person. Having so many clothes takes up a lot of storage space, and if the amount of clothing is reduced, the space saved can be easily used for other purposes.
  • Donating instead of Throwing Away Can Keep Waste Out of the Landfills: A third benefit that comes from donating used clothing is it can keep excess waste out of the landfills. Americans throw away tons of clothing every year, clothing that goes to waste in landfills all around the country. By donating or recycling this old clothing, tons of waste could be kept from filling up landfills each year which would by extension be good for the environment.

In conclusion, there are a number of benefits that come from donating used clothing as Red Cross donations. These include helping families in need, opening up space in your home, and keeping excess waste out of landfills and helping the environment. These are all benefits that can come from donating your used clothing to charity So the next time you have used clothing you’re not sure what to do with, remember you can donate it to charity and help a lot of people.