The Newest Technology in Mattresses And How to Make Your Choice


Mattresses have come a long way since humans first started using them, and the choices at mattress stores are only getting better. Whether you’re looking for a full size mattress or a king size mattress, a cool gel pillow or a Tempurpedic pillow, here are some of the latest technological developments in mattresses and advice for making your choice.

Mattress Designs of the past

Things really changed in the world of mattresses around in the early 1900s when the spring coil mattress was invented. Steel coils were covered with wool and padded, becoming the mattress standard for a long time. Although the technology of the coils got steadily better over time, in the 1980s, when the first polyurethane mattresses became available, they quickly began to replace spring mattresses.

Choices in Today’s Mattress Stores < /H3> Today when you walk into mattress stores you can choose from boxspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, gel mattresses, and mattresses made from organic fibers. Certain brands, such as the Beautyrest brand and Tempurpedic mattresses are household names.

Cutting Edge Mattresses

The most exciting technologies in mattress development these days include the use of materials that are able to wick heat away from the sleeper and maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature through the night. Some of the new Tempurpedic mattresses can respond instantly to the movements of the sleeper and transfer support. Beautyrest mattresses can include SmartMotion™ bases that provide massaging options and the ability to raise the head of your snoring partner. Some of the newest mattresses even allow you to track the heart rate, respiration, and movements of sleepers during the night.

Mattress Stores of the Future

We are not very far from a self-cleaning mattress that will use technology much like that found in today’s vacuum cleaners to get rid of dead skin and dust mites. While today’s mattresses can monitor our sleep, tomorrow’s mattresses may be able to anticipate our needs and meet them.

How Do I Choose a Mattress?

With all the variety available at mattress stores, and understanding that the self-cleaning mattress is still some years away, how do you choose from the many mattresses available now? Here are two important considerations.

  1. Choose your mattress material. Latex mattresses are cool, responsive, and comfortable. Memory foam is known for giving great support, but in the past has been a hot mattress to sleep on. Good quality modern memory foam mattresses don’t have so much trouble with this. Coil mattresses are still popular and are good for people who want a cool sleep, good bounce, and great edge support. Hybrid mattresses are designed to take advantage of the best points of certain materials while minimizing their negatives. A latex memory foam hybrid, for example, is cooler and more responsive than memory foam but provides better pressure relief and support than latex.
  2. Choose your firmness level. Firmness is not the same thing as support. Support means that the mattress will keep your spine aligned and will not create pressure points. Mattresses without good support leave you in pain when you wake up. Firmness is about how the mattress feels in terms of comfort when you first lie down on it. On average, the majority of people are happy with the medium firmness. Of course, some people will prefer their mattress to be very soft or very firm. If you sleep on your side, a soft to medium firmness is probably best. People who sleep on their back or stomach typically feel more comfortable on a firmer bed.

Choosing a mattress is an important task. Your mattress will affect your sleep, and your sleep will affect everything else in your life. think aboutwhat mattress you want before you head out to the mattress stores, and don’t be afraid to ask for help so you can make just the right choice.