Choosing Between 3 Types of Fencing Materials


There are many beneficial reasons to have a fence surrounding your property. A recent report by Grand View Research found that the fencing market in the United States is estimated to reach $11.15 billion by the year 2024. Considering that, you might find that it’s time to either build a new fence or improve the one you currently own. In this post, you’ll learn about the similarities and difference between three popular types of fences.

Vinyl Fences

In 1913, vinyl was first invented. Since this time, vinyl fence parts have remained popular with many homeowners. One of these purposes was the creation of vinyl fences. Many homeowners find that building a vinyl fence is incredibly easy when compared to working with other materials. Vinyl fence parts are inexpensive while being extremely durable. In addition, vinyl fence rails and other parts require little maintenance which is great for busy homeowners.

Wooden Fencing

Wooden fencing is an extremely popular choice for homeowners throughout the United States. These fences can be made from many types of wood. In addition, wooden fences are known for being extremely durable. Statistics show that vinyl and wooden fencing remain the two most popular material choices for privacy fences. If you’re looking to spruce up the look of wooden fences, consider adding on a rolling wood gate. That being said, wooden fences do require regular maintenance. Therefore, those with busier lives might want to choose another fence material or contact a fence staining service.

Chain Link Fences

Another popular type of fencing is a chain link fence. This fence is made from steel wire that is linked together. While not great for privacy, chain link parts are inexpensive. Chain link fencing usually is made in either 20 or 50 foot rolls. The low cost of chain link fencing helps to ensure that homeowners on a budget can still have a quality fence. Chain link fences work well for keeping children and pets protected while outdoors.

In closing, it’s important to choose the right type of fencing material. You’ll typically choose between vinyl, wooden, or chain link fences. Vinyl fence parts are known for being an inexpensive way to have a privacy fence of your own. Wooden fences remain extremely popular for homeowners and are extremely durable. If you’re looking for another type of fence, chain link fencing won’t provide much privacy but is also inexpensive.