American Red Cross Clothing Donations that Help Save the World


Many people have an urge, a passion, or a desire to give back to their community. It is a noble and worthwhile thing to want to make a difference. However some people have no idea where to even begin when it comes to making a difference. When looking at the big picture of a lot of the problems that our society is faced with, it is easy to become overwhelmed and feel a bit helpless. But doing something extremely helpful is much easier than many people realize, and it all begins with a few simple actions right at home.

Turning household chores into impactful actions

Most people, especially those who have been living in the same place for more than a year or so, have accumulated quite a few possessions. It is part of the culture that we live in. We are consumers, and are bombarded with constant marketing and advertising techniques aimed at our consumerism habits. But if we were all really truthful with ourselves, we would be able to identify that our houses hold way more material possessions than we actually use or need. The good news is that cleaning out closets, basements, drawers, and attics can end up helping those in need.

It has been estimated that people across the United States go through almost 20 billion garments each and every single year. That works out to be about 68 pieces of clothing and seven pairs of footwear for each person, or more than one purchased garment each week. Clearly, we are buying more than we need. Everyone has something in their closet that they have not worn for years, or that they did not even know was there. Donating these articles of clothing can help others in need in a big way.

American Red Cross clothing donations for the good of all

When you choose to donate clothing, you are making a positive impact in more than one way. Used clothing donations help to clothe individuals and families who cannot afford to go on shopping sprees or fill their closets. On top of that, you are significantly helping the environment by preventing even more textile waste from ending up in overflowing landfills that are choking the earth. American Red Cross clothing donations are a great way to get started when you want to truly make a difference in the world.

From helping to save the planet to helping to put a smile on the face of a child or keeping someone warm on a cold night with that old sweater you last wore several years ago, going through your things for American Red Cross clothing donations makes a big difference. And another benefit is that you remove a lot of the unnecessary clutter in your home. Everyone wins!

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