Should Your Second Home Be a Condo?


Many people have an idea of what their dream house looks like. However, few people hold the same regard for what their possible secondary house might look like. One tip is to picture your favorite vacation spot. As many as 96% of adults feel that regular vacations are important. Real estate nearby can provide a deeper level of relaxation.

Here’s Why You Should Look Into Homes For Sale Near Your Favorite Vacation Spots.

Have you heard the advice about choosing a childcare? Many experts advise parents to choose a location that is either close to home or work. The idea is that doing so will make it easier and less stressful for the parent to pick the child up quickly if there is a problem if the location is close to their work. A location closer to home allows the parent to have a child-free commute. A similar approach could be applied to choosing a secondary home. Wouldn’t you prefer to live closer to an nice relaxing spot?

What Are the Perks of Owning a Condo?

A condo can be a detached home, in that the structure doesn’t share any walls with another building, or it might be an attached home, where at least one wall is shared. While more and more homes are a part of an association, condos almost always have a home owners association to keep common areas looking appropriate.

The line from the famous movie Gone With the Wind might have claimed land is the only thing that lasts, but that sentiment doesn’t apply to condos. Owning a condo is just that. The homeowner owns the structure but not the land in the common areas. That is why there is an association to decide how the common areas are cared for.

Where is a Good Place to Purchase a Second Home?

The perks of shopping for a second home is that you can now make different choices concerning the house you buy. For example, a family with five children may initially buy a home with plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms. But the second home might be able to get away with fewer if it’s intended only as a vacation home.

This might open up a whole new avenue of choices. What was needed for the main house could be adjusted in favor of different amenities. When a vacation home is purchased, 42% of buyers plan to use the property as a family retreat. This takes some of the pressure off for the home to be ‘perfect.’

What Are the Potential Downsides to Owning a Condo?

While a condo has its perks, there are of course downsides. Condos don’t offer much in terms of land. There aren’t condos on plots of land large enough to farm on. The common areas have rules for appearances. For example, having your home decked out in Christmas lights outside of the HOA’s timeframe might result in a sternly worded letter.

Condos do have some other perks though. The common areas are kept to a certain standard of appearance. Some condos may share amenities such as a gated park, barbecue area, or pool. The upkeep for those is taken care of by someone appointed by the association.

Choosing a second home can be a fun experience. It is often stressful instead due to indecision and being inflexible. Deciding early in the buying process where to look, and what features your family is flexible on will make the process go more smoothly. It might even be enjoyable.