The Most Frequent Illnesses and Injuries Cases Handled at Urgent Care


Sore throats

So what happens when you’re hurt or suddenly become sick? Where do you get help? Is it an emergency condition that demands immediate attention or it’s something that can be treated at urgent care. Sometimes the decision hardens by the introduction of a third option which is a home remedy. However, you should note that all these options will depend solely on the severity of your injury or sickness.

Most of the medical conditions average people experience often require urgent care but it’s unfortunate that most people aren’t aware of that. In fact, a 2009 study by RAND Corp stated that 14 to 27% of emergency cases could be solved at walk-in clinics and other urgent care facilities, reducing health care costs by up to $4.4 billion every year. Going for urgent medical services offers numerous benefits and not just in terms of effective treatment services, but also time, convenience and flexibility. Considering that it’s only about 29% of primary care operate around the clock offering after hours care, you’d see the importance of urgent care facilities. Booking appointments can be distressing and sometimes you may end up missing it due to other life commitments such as work and family.

But the good thing is that 85% of urgent care centers operate past 7 p.m., seven days a week, giving you enough time to get medical attention. So what are some of the conditions treated by these facilities?

Muscle Cramps and sprains
Muscle cramps can be very painful and they normally affect leg muscles. Although most of them disappear after a while, they cause great discomfort and some may even lead to leg swelling. If you normally experience this, perhaps you need to go for urgent medical services., Another injury such as whiplash is also common, especially for sports men and women. Urgent centers offer convenient medical treatment for this condition as well as other injuries.

When you develop a fracture, your immediate course of action is to go for an x-ray scan in order to understand your condition better. Urgent care offers prompt medical diagnosis and checkup.

Whether you have a mild sore throat infection, upper respiratory infection, itchy eye, or urinary tract infection, you can be sure to find help with an urgent care. Common infection symptoms include a cough, fatigue, congestion, discharge and fever.

Other urgent medical services include a headache, lacerations, sore throat, chest and stomach pains. In case you start to experience these signs, it’s advisable that you visit an urgent care facility around your for more skillful convenient and affordable care