3 Reasons Americans Love Storage Solutions


Pompano beach self storage

There are an estimated 52,500 storage units in the United States, with the storage industry generating around $22 billion in revenue every year. American’s love their storage units, it’s just a fact. They turn to storage solutions for a variety of reasons. This could be self storage, boat storage, or any other type of storage, and there are a lot of benefits to this mentality.

The reason why there are so many self storage units in the U.S. is that people value their space, but they also value their possessions. But the average home can’t accommodate all those possessions, and so they turn to storage units. And here are the benefits to doing so:

Cost Effective

Moving from one location to another can be costly, and temporary job assignments often lead to this happening. Moving across the nation to another city and state to work or have an opportunity is a decision many make.

Some choose to sell their old items when they do this, replacing them when they arrive at their new destination. This isn’t a very cost effective solution. Storage units, on the other hand, are. There are a lot of benefits to turning to storage solutions and having your items kept for when you return, or even delivered safely by a facility to a sister location, is a good investment.

Efficiency For An Organization

This is more for businesses, who also use various storage solutions. To be successful, you need to plan and be efficient with your resources. If you don’t have space for your important documents or maybe assets the business owns, using a storage facility to hold them is a good idea. This frees up space that can be used immediately, instead of being filled by something that might not be a pressing concern.

Keep Risk Low

If you have items that are valuable, and yet no place to put them, securing them in a storage facility can be a good move. Storage facilities come in a variety of forms, and some have climate options that can reduce the wear on items. Most of them, however, will prevent valuables from being worn down or damaged by daily use and abuse.

American’s love their storage because it makes life a little easier on them. Storage solutions can be a great investment for a business or a busy professional, as it frees space and gives security. So if you fall into that category, consider reaching out and contacting us.