A Guide to Landscaping Your Patio


Many homeowners today add extension onto their homes that provide them with comfortable and convenient outdoor living spaces. One of the most popular is the patio as it allows friends and family to gather and visit while enjoying the outdoors with some of the normal comforts of home. Working with a professional concrete patio builder can make it easier to get the best patio space for your home. From there you can personalize your patio space with affordable outdoor patio sets and accessories and d├ęcor that turn that space into an extension of your home.

Local garden centers are a great place to begin your search for affordable outdoor sofa and chair and table options. You can search for a variety of styles and designs as well as fabrics and colors to meet your specific wants and needs. Whether you are in need of a basic table and chairs set to sit with family members on a comfortable evening, or you need an affordable patio dining furniture set for entertaining friends, you can find something that will work for you.

Check online for inspiration and then visit your local garden centers to see even more affordable patio furniture ideas.

Hardscape materials

Every year homeowners will engage in some sort of landscaping project. Some will want to engage in a do it yourself type of project while others will call the experts to come in and help them with their renovations. While some people enjoy renovating the interior of their house by changing up their bathroom or kitchen, others want to hire workers for outdoor landscaping projects.

Landscape patio design is one of the many projects you should seek help from an expert for. Professionals in the landscaping business will typically have a Bachelors or Masters degree in their line of work. This will help because there are small facts most people are unaware of like not buying flowers in full bloom.

Many people do not know signs of a lawn needing water. If you see footprints that are visible for an hour or longer you need to water your lawn. Also if you see the grass change color then it needs water as well. Here is what you need to know about landscape patio design and your lawn.

Landscaping Is Quite Popular

Between the years of 2009 and 2014, the landscaping industry in the United States has grown an estimated 3.7% annually. By the year of 2015, the landscaping services market recovered by generating $80.06 billion, whereas it normally creates $73 billion in revenue each year. The United States landscaping industry currently employs an estimated 398,383 people.

You Will See a Return On Your Investment

It does not matter if you are doing indoor renovations, landscape planting ideas, or lawn and patio work, there is always going to be a return on the money you invest on your lawn. One single tree in a city neighborhood will help provide about $273 a year in terms of air conditioning, pollution fighting, erosion and storm water control, and wildlife shelter benefits.

As a matter of fact, studies have revealed that a tree can help reduce temperatures by as much as 9 degrees Fahrenheit. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has stated that trees will reduce bothersome noise by about 50% and will protect your home from unwanted noises with pleasant sounds like birds chirping. Also, a well-landscaped lawn will help reduce allergens such as ragweed.

It Will Help You Sell Your House

Understand that the housing market can be quite difficult to navigate and that is why there are people who go to college to work in this business. Money Magazine crafted an article that revealed that a landscaping project can help bring about a 100 to 200% recovery value at the time of selling. So if you want to get landscape patio design work done, it will even help you on the back end when you want to move out.

Out of all potential home buyers, about 60% believe that a well-landscaped yard has helped influence their home buying decision is some way. The resale value of a building can be increased by 14% if there is a quality landscaping job done to the building prior to selling. A recent landscaping survey was conducted and revealed that 63% of all respondents involved would pay more for an apartment or house if it is in an area with good green spaces.

In Conclusion

There is no question that a landscape patio design is going to be worth your investment in many ways. It does not matter if you are selling or buying, getting work done to your lawn is worth the money. Not only will it look nice in the present and will allow you to have guests over to marvel at your landscape patio design, it will help give your house a boost in value whenever you decide to move on to your next residency.