Four Steps for Keeping Upholstery Looking New


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Every person wants their upholstery to maintain a great appearance. It’s understandable to not want to damage upholstery during the cleaning process. Many people have made the mistake of damaging their furnishings through failed cleaning attempts. Knowing how to properly maintain upholstery can help save a lot of money on furniture replacement. Buying furniture is one of the most expensive purchases people typically make. Many people find that keeping upholstery in great shape is easier than they previously thought. In this post, you will learn four ways to keep upholstery looking brand new.

Regularly Vacuum Upholstered Items

One of the greatest ways to keep upholstery looking new is by regularly vacuuming. Dust is something that is found within all areas of a home or office. You can’t do much to prevent dust from spreading. However, regular vacuuming ensures that dust is removed after landing on upholstery. Certain vacuums come with a multitude of attachments. Using these attachments can help you give upholstery a deep yet safe cleaning. Using the brush attachments allows you to break settled dust with a vacuum. You can use crevice attachments for cleaning dust from all areas of your upholstered items. Vacuuming can help the upholstery stain removal process by breaking up surface stains. However, you may still find that other cleaning methods are needed to remove deeper staining.

Spray Guards Provide Protection Against Stains

You will find that most pieces of quality upholstery have some stain fighter in place. It never hurts to take an extra precaution to fight against upholstery stains. You can find many spray guards for use with upholstery. Homeowners that have pets are aware that certain stains are especially dangerous. Pet urine is a substance that contains ammonia which can lead to many health hazards. Ammonia often leads to irritated skin, eyes, and respiratory systems. Guarding upholstery works well to keep items protected, especially in homes with pets and children.

Clean Liquids as Soon as Possible

Dealing with liquids is a common aspect of upholstery stain removal. Liquids that are left untreated can cause massive problems including the threat of mold. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that 100% of all mold can lead to adverse health effects. Many people find the best water damage fix revolves around removing liquid as soon as a spill happens. You won’t want to harshly scrub liquids to remove them from upholstery. In many cases, scrubbing a stain causes it to spread which causes more damage. It is vital to control the damage of liquid spills quickly. Carpet and upholstery can be ruined with the damage caused by a single spill. Upholstery and rug stain cleaning should be done in a blotting not scrubbing motion.

Have Upholstery Professionally Cleaned

There will be certain upholstery that traditional cleaning methods might not fix. Experts recommend upholstery is cleaned at least once per year. You may want to find a company that specializes in eco friendly water damage restoration. Working the help of a professional ensures you don’t accidentally cause more damage to your upholstered items. Many people make the wise decision to enlist professional help cleaning carpet and upholstery within their homes. Professional cleaners allow you to have more time to take care of important matters. It is often frustrating to spend both time and money while cleaning a home on your own with no guarantee stains will disappear.

In closing, there are several ways to keep upholstery in great condition. You will want to ensure you keep all upholstery regularly vacuumed. It’s wise to have upholstery finished in a way that prevents stains from forming on upholstery. You might want to utilize spray guards to use for your upholstery items. Liquid spills are some of the most common needs for upholstery stain removal services. Hiring professional cleaning services saves you time spent tackling stains. You will want to soak up liquid as soon as it spills onto the upholstery. Scrubbing recently stained surfaces may cause the stain to spread, creating more damage. Many people decide to have their upholstery stain removal needs taken care of by a professional company.