How Using a Cane Can Help Improve Your Quality of Life


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As we get older, our balance becomes much more important. A bad fall could be fatal and take much longer to recover from than when we were younger. A little under 40% of Americans who are 85 years of age or older use mobility devices, such as walkers or canes to help provide extra stability during their everyday routines. Looking at canes for sale can be a good idea if you’re getting older and want the extra assurance of staying steady on your feet, if you’re recovering from an accident and need support, or if you want to increase your mobility safely. There’s a variety of canes for sale to choose from, whether you’re looking for something practical or something with a little more flair, like a horse head cane.

Why Should I Use a Cane and Who’s Doing So?
Almost seven million Americans use assistive devices like canes to help increase their mobility and just under five million Americans use a cane, which makes it the most popular mobility device used in the United States. Just over 10% of Americans over the age of 65 use a cane. However, canes aren’t just for the elderly — they may also be used as walking sticks for hikers or to help those recovering from an accident or illness get back on their feet.

One of the primary reasons canes and other assistive devices are used are to prevent falls and increase stability. Unfortunately, one in four older adults takes a tumble every year and over two million senior citizens wind up in the emergency room because of injuries they incur during a fall. Falls among the elderly are most commonly due to unsteadiness or dizziness when they stand up or are walking and over half of all falls actually take place at home. Using a cane can help reduce the likelihood of falls, while still allowing them mobility at home and outdoors.

What Should I Know When Ordering a Cane?

You first want to make sure that you’re ordering the correct height for your cane, in order to gain the right balance and stability. Ordering a cane isn’t going to be much good if you don’t have confidence in it because it’s the wrong height or if you feel awkward while using it. Some canes may be height adjustable, which can be convenient if your height varies depending on your shoes, for example.

Generally if you’re of “average height” (between 5’6 or 5’9) a 36 inch cane will work for you. Your elbow should ideally bend at about 15 degrees when you’re holding the cane. If you’re still unsure about the right height, talk with your doctor about helping you size it or test out a family or friend’s cane to see if theirs might be a good size for you. Testing out a few different canes can be helpful when ultimately determining what kind of grip, what height, and what tip works best for you and your needs.

What Types of Canes Are There?

One of the most popular types of canes for sale is the C cane, which is the simplest kind. The walking cane curves at the top to form a handle and are best for those who just need a little help with balance. You can pick these up at your local drugstore.

Another popular type of canes for sale is the functional grip cane, which allows a patient more support. The handle is flat instead of curved, offering better control and lets the patient lean on it easier than they could with a C curve cane.

The quad cane is one of the most stable options, with a rectangle base and four supports that come into contact with the floor. If you need a significant amount of balance support, consider using the quad cane.

Go about your daily routine with an increased sense of safety and stability when you look into canes for sale. Whether you need a cane for walking, a little extra support, or for medical reasons, there are practical and decorative canes for every occasion and need.