Remembering the True American Way Again and Again


American red cross clothing donations

Turn on the radio, the television, or crack a laptop and you will be hard-pressed to come to any conclusion other than the fact that America is a divided nation. Politics can and often do just that. Anywhere in the world, you will find people at odds over how their country should be governed; the United States is no exception.

At the same time, if you are not already aware, it would not take you long to find out that this very country, while being as divided as it is, is still one of the most giving countries in the world. American Red Cross donations lead the way, not just in our country alone but for causes all around the world.

It might surprise you to learn that 70% of Americans give to charity every year, giving an average of 3% of their income to causes great and small. The American National Red Cross is our country’s 13th largest charity and in 2014 alone received $687 million dollars in private donations.

There are many ways in which one could donate to charity, being that there are so many to choose from. American Red Cross donations come in many forms; money is simply one way to give. Many donate clothes they no longer need. A Red Cross donation center is likely near where you live, but if you would rather, Red Cross clothing pickup is usually an option. Give them a call and find out for yourself just how much you might be able to contribute.

One of the reasons that clothing donations are so important is that your used clothes can have a second life. Things you never thought you could ever wear again might be the very things that keep someone warm while helping to keep the charity alive.

Non-profits contribute over 600 billion dollars annually to the economy of the United States. That means that, in part, goods you supply to American Red Cross donations goes straight back into the economy. It doesn’t take long for that cyclical process to take hold, either.

Your item donations put people to work from the picking up of donations to the processing and selling of those items a second time. We can sometimes be very short-sighted when it comes to the things we have in our own little worlds. For many, going through a closet could yield many wonderful things that are donatable that they didn’t even know they still had. It is ver often the case with clothing.

America might be divided right now, but it is certain that our hearts are bigger than any divide could ever be. If you have been thinking about American Red Cross donations and how you might be able to contribute something, know that nothing is too small. Donate money, if you can, or donate used clothing. Giving someone a new start is never divisive, not in today’s America.