Tips for Picking the Best Layout for Your Home


Modern home plans

The layout of your home says a lot about you. It is a big decision and you should not rush into it. If you are building a new home, you can really decide the exact layout you like. You can make sure you get the storage you want. In 2013, nearly 90% of homebuyers made sure they had a laundry room, for instance. There are other things to consider like amenities when you are buying a new home. Air conditioning is included in most homes sold in the United States today. At least 65% of homebuyers list that as a “very important” thing to have. Thinking about all of your options on top of the layout of the house can be very stressful. Deciding if you want a traditional or modern home design, for example, can be challenging. Here are some tips to make designing your new home easier.

  1. Consider your lifestyle. So you have decided you want a modern home design, buy what about the openness of the layout? You need to think about your family and your lifestyle. If you have young children, having a totally open layout may not be the best idea. Most people with younger children prefer to have their bathrooms and bedrooms on one side of the home and the kitchen and living room areas on the other. This allows a good delineation of the space and helps parents keep things where they need to be. If you do not have children and do not plan to have any but do a ton of entertaining, opening up your layout so there is a more fluid feel might be the way to go.
  2. How much and what kind of entertaining do you do? People who find they do have people in their homes a lot usually opt for a large open foyer. This can help welcome your guests to your home. If you cook a lot for people, having large and open kitchen and dining areas can make a lot of sense. If you have people over to watch movies more often, a large living room space or entertainment room space can be a good idea. Some people prefer to have two living rooms. They have a formal room for entertaining and then a more causal family room where the family spends time. Just think about how you will use your home.
  3. How many levels? Do you want a multistory or single story home? There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Both traditional and modern home design can be both. Some people like the look of a multistory home and the fact that people can have more of their own space. These also allow for different views of the street and the back yard. Single story houses allow everyone to avoid hearing feet overheard and can be really good for people with older family members living with them. Consider who will be living at your home and what kind of look you like. Think about any accessibility needs your family may have. Home builders can do a lot to make a home more accessible to people with special needs in that area.
  4. How much time do you want to spend outside? For many Americans a yard is very important. It can also be a key feature in modern home design. New homes tend to have great outdoor spaces that are often used as another room in the home. Do you think you will entertain much outside? How much time and money do you see yourself spending on your lawn or garden? Well maintained landscaping can add a lot to a home’s value but if it is not kept up, it will bring your property values down.

One thing that keeps some people from working with home builders to come up with modern home plans is that is seems too challenging to deal with all of the decisions. Deciding the best layout is one of the most challenging but potentially fun parts of designing a new home. If you take your time and really think about what your needs are, you will come up with a layout that works well for you and your family.