Different Ways to Spice Up Your Back Garden


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Some of the best pool houses have some of the simplest pool house designs. You don’t have to be extravagant in order to be elegant. In fact, sometimes the best way to be classy is to keep it simple. This includes clothes, home decor, cars, hair, make up and more, not just pool house designs. There are a lot of things that can make your outdoor area beautiful. Different styles of furniture, garden sheds, pergolas and landscaping designs all play a huge part in how your garden looks. While there are many different things that you could do to your garden, the choices can be overwhelming. Here are just a few ideas for to get you started thinking about things that could spice up your garden or yard.

Custom Sheds
Now, ‘custom’ is the key word here because that makes all the difference. You can get a ready made shed of course, but it’ll never be exactly to your specifications. The amazing thing about custom made sheds is that you get to design it. If you know exactly what you need a shed for, then you can easily design the space so that it accommodates what you need and fits your house style. Once it’s made, typically, the company will actually take it to your home, if they haven’t already built it there. You can name the specifications of size and shape and other design ideas.

Pool House
If you do have a pool then having an area to keep all your pool supplies and a place to get changed or shower. Pool house designs can really be anything that you want them to be. Often, pool houses are also a place to hang out when the guests aren’t actually swimming in the pool itself. The floors and furniture are usually made of waterproof material. The floors can actually be built at a slant so that the water drains into an appropriate gutter. Pool houses should be bright and friendly with plenty of room to relax or even nap after a good swim. Pool house designs could go anyway you desire. You just have to decide what your pool house will be used for and that will make it easier to decide on the design.

Pergolas can offer a really beautiful centerpiece to your garden. Again, there are many different designs that you can use as well as different materials. Pergolas can be anything from metal to wood even to PVC. They can either be shaded with a fully enclosed top or have gaps to allow the sunlight through. Climbing vines and plants or shrubbery around or on the pergolas make for a really nice gardening area. Often times outdoor furniture can be put underneath the pergola as if it were a little bridge and allows for a very relaxing atmosphere. Pergolas don’t have to be for sitting under though, then can have many uses.

Water Features
This can be anything from ponds to fountains. A little waterfall in the corner is a great addition to any garden. If you have a lot of greenery in your back yard then having a pond goes well with that kind of yard. More rockery would look better with a fountain so there is less chance of moss growing. Of course, all of these choices really just depend on your preferences and personal vision for your home.

Keep in mind that your size of garden and type of landscape as well as other factors all play into the type of centerpieces or the kinds of things you put in your garden. It definitely is about your tastes and what you want to be there but it also can be hard to maintain if you don’t have the correct foundation. Even time plays a part. If you don’t have time to upkeep the type of landscape that you want then you should either pick a different landscape design or hire someone to regularly come in and take care of it for you. Otherwise it will end up being something that frustrates you instead of something that you can enjoy. Let your imagination run free and you may be surprised at the kind of landscape you end up with.