Make Unforgettable Connections Simply By Going to Church On Sunday


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It can be difficult to be a Christian in today’s world. There are plenty of people who will make fun of you or look down on the fact that you go to church or are an actively practicing Christian. Even though our country was built on religious principles, many people these days are turning away from church and active faith. Recent statistics show that fewer young people in the millennial generation are attending church. However, for many people the church can be a safe haven and a place to find welcome, redemption, and forgiveness. Personal beliefs aside, churches also can do a lot for charity in a community and give back a considerable amount to the community they serve. Churches are always a great place to look for volunteer opportunities and you can get some wonderful memories and experiencing with church organized trips.
What’s the State of Faith For Today’s Young People?
Around 20% of adults in the United States say they were raised to adhere to some kind of religion but now claim no religious affiliation. Many studies have been done on the millennial generation, especially as they’ve grown up. Despite more religious parents, they have less connection with Christian churches. Almost 40% of millennials between the ages of 18-24 don’t claim a religious affiliation and almost 35% millennials between the ages of 25-33 say the same. Less than six in ten millennials identify with any type of Christianity, while seven out of ten or greater among the older generations identified with a type of Christianity.
Some may wonder why so many young people are leaving the church in mass numbers. Some experts blame the Internet for changing the way people live and think dramatically. With so many ideological schools of thought out there, it can be bewildering for people to choose. Others point to a disconnect between the church and Jesus. Whatever the case, churches are trying to find ways to revitalize the younger population and bring them back into the fold.
What are the Most Popular Types of Christianity In the United States?
There are over 170 million Christians in the United States today and the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary estimates that there are over 40,000 Christian denominations and organizations globally. Almost 85% of Americans identify as Christians as well.
The different types of Protestantism outweighed Catholicism — Protestants accounted for a little over 50%, while Catholics were at almost 24%. Within the Protestant denominations, according to 2014, there are over 35 million mainline Protestants, which includes the United States Methodist Church, Baptist churches, Evangelical Lutheran churches, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, and some others.
Churches who practice in the evangelical tradition — like the Southern Baptist Convention, Assemblies of God, Churches of Christ, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, and others have over 60 million people who adhere to those churches, according to the Pew Research Center.
Baptists certainly lead the Protestant sector, with over 25% in membership. Pentecostals are next at almost 9%, and Lutherans follow thereafter at a little over 5%.
What Can Attending Church Do For Me?
Attending church regularly can have positive effects on your emotional wellbeing as well as being good for your physical health as well. It can lower your blood pressure and boost your immune system — perhaps in part, because many people feel more at peace or calmer when they attend church. For many, it’s a well known ritual that they can fall into and a place to offer up their fears, worries, and anxieties from the week. The feeling of community can also play a huge part in that feeling of wellbeing — most churches have strong social bonds and support for their members.
If you want to be more engaged in the community, many churches offer faith-based volunteering opportunities that you can get involved in as a way to give back. It’s also a great way to meet other people and learn about what’s going on in your area.
While it may not be for everyone, many people find it a soothing and peaceful time in their week to regroup and catch up with the Lord.