4 Tips for Redoing Your Patio in 2016


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It?s happened to all of us. You move into a new apartment and home with so many plans — you might end up repainting the living room after all, but dozens of other plans become only ?I meant to do that? projects. Your patio may have been one of those ?maybe someday, I?ll have a great space for friends and family to hang out? projects.

Well, it?s spring again, and now is the time to take your bland backyard back into your creative hands and make it the place to be. Why languish inside on warm summer nights when you can be outdoors, enjoying the air and natural scenery?

Here are a few tips for getting the space ready for the future.

1. Buy Nice Patio Furniture Sets

You want the space to be inviting, so it?s usually a good idea to invest in furniture with weather-friendly cushions. Wood is a great idea for furniture that looks good with the rest of your home and decor, but make sure that it?s treated wood that will stand up to the test of time (and insects, and rain). If you need somewhere to splurge, splurge on patio furniture sets that set the right tone.

2. Add Unique Touches

What?s the difference between a backyard that blends into the background, and one that looks like it belongs on an HGTV cover? Often, the right touch is a unique accessory that really makes your place and patio furniture sets memorable. Instead of having a typical table, why not go for something modern and square? Another idea: have a portable fireplace. Not only will it keep your guests warm, but it will add a chic look to the space. Not into fireplaces? A patio heater will accomplish the same thing.

3. Get a New Grill

About 97% of grill owners used their grill last year — how often can you say that about a purchase? Unlike many things that go to sit in a closet, grills actually get used and enjoyed by everyone multiple times a year. A new gas grill can be useful for breaking in your brand new patio. Gas grills have become increasingly popular as of late, with 66% of households opting for one.

4. Get Creative

It’s easy to think of your patio as a checklist. Chairs, check; table, check; grill, check. But sometimes thinking outside the box is what can truly make this space pop. For example: have you considered brightly colored outdoor patio rugs? These can really help create a “wow” space but they’re not something everyone will consider. Look for functional and eye-catching additions as part of your overhaul process.