Why You Shouldn’t Dump Your Old Remote Control


Tv remote controls replacement

With all your devices usually comes a remote or some kind of controlling device: your television needs a remote, your music player needs a remote, your gaming devices need a remote…the list goes on. Over 50% of Americans have four or more than four devices in their living room alone that require a remote control. So what happens when your remote control goes dead, gets misplaced, or gets programmed wrong? Most people are apt to go out and buy another remote control that may not be right for their device (think buying a Toshiba remote control for your Sony TV) or get replacement TV remotes that they didn’t need in the first place. You may also be able to call in an expert to help with your remote programming.
Help! The Remote Is Gone!
Have you checked under your sofa cushions? Logitech ran a study titled “Global Remote Control Trends” that showed that if the remote is missing, there’s almost a 50% chance that it’s between your couch cushions. And, oddly enough, 4% of people who are missing remotes end up finding them in the refrigerator or freezer, while 2% find them outside in the car! Don’t automatically assume it’s gone forever and buy another–that can lead to many mix ups and much confusion in the house, especially if you end up reprogramming remotes to fit the current need.
However, Don’t Be Afraid To Replace The Remote
You bought an appliance like a DVD player or a home audio system and now you can’t find the darn remote at all or it died. So you don’t use the appliances, which doesn’t make much sense either! Finding a replacement remote that already has the remote programming built in is actually a piece of cake. There are several kinds of remote companies that sell the remote you’re looking for. They often carry a number of different brands so that customers can find the one they need with ease. Even if you have an old TV and there’s no replacement remote available, many companies will often be able to create a custom model for you.
When Should I Think About Reprogramming The Remote?
The good news is that if you get the right model of remote for your TV, like a Sony remote control or a Samsung remote control, the original remote controls won’t have to be reprogrammed. The remote programming is already synced to fit with your TV. No big deal!
If your remote has suddenly just died, don’t be so quick to throw it out. One in three so-thought “dead” remotes can actually be revamped with an easy five step restart process that usually the remote company will provide via a website or the instructions that accompanied the remote.
Next time your remote is lost or dies, don’t be afraid to either try and revive it or replace it. Don’t just go out to your local appliances store and try and find the cheapest one available. If you’re going to get a new remote, make sure you get one that actually fits your need. Someone in the store may also be able to revive your old remote using the five step process mentioned above.