Three Ways to Incorporate Hip Wood into Home Design


Bowback chair

The hippest restaurants and homes today usually have one thing in common: a marriage between concrete, brick and wood. Wood is a great way to bring nature into an urban space. It also happens to be a relatively inexpensive material. Here are fun, hip, inexpensive ways to incorporate wood into your home.
Rustic Farm Tables
Dining room tables of the past have been stuffy, formal and uninviting. Imagine how your dining space could be transformed by using a wooden, rust farm table instead? Wooden dining furniture is low maintenance, inexpensive and and comfortable for all guests. Insiders tip:To find wood furniture that will is well made and looks great, try an amish shop. Amish furniture is made almost entirely of wood and are entirely handmade. Most Amish furniture is made with red oak and can be purchased during the humble store hours of Amish establishments.
Wood Storage Sheds
Make more room in your home by adding additional storage with a wood storage sheds. If you have a lot of space in the back. you can build the shed to look like an adorable cottage in your back yard. This can give structure to a large, blank space. It can also cut down on clutter inside your home. Store all of your garden equipment and sporting goods in the new shed and you’ll have so much new space in your closets and your basement.
A Window Seat Bench
If you have a bad window, you can turn that space from a window to a cuddle spot by simply adding a bench. This is a great place to read a book, enjoy a storm or even store a dog bed. Window bench seats make use of beautiful, natural light and extra space. Plus, the wooden window seat brings an lovely earthly element to your home.
There are all kinds of ways to upgrade your home while making it more comfortable, but there are far fewer ways to upgrade your home and stay on budget. Wood could be the element to keep you on track.