Three Tips for a Super Green Luxury Custom Home


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Ever since the housing market bounced back from the financial crisis of the 2000’s, more and more people have been opting for a custom home than trying to find the perfect house among the ones that are already built. One of the emerging trends in luxury homes designs is going green and making the home as energy efficient as possible. Here are a few things you should ask your luxury custom house builders when you’re working on a plan for your custom home.

1. Solar Panels
The solar energy industry is a remarkably fast-growing one, and is partly due to the uptick in number of homeowners who wan to equip their houses with the technology. The thing is, not every home is ideal for solar energy, so talk to your home builders about whether or not they can build and position your roof to accommodate solar panels that are positioned in a way to receive the most sunlight.

2. A Geothermal System
Another one of the most popular trends in green custom home designs is geothermal systems. Not only do they us between 25% and 50% less energy than their traditional counterparts, which releases fewer harmful emissions into the environment, they can save homeowners on utilities as well. This system basically transfers heat to and from the ground, which reduces a homeowner’s dependence on using electricity for climate control in the home.

3. Green Appliances
When it comes to the interior of the home, many luxury custom homes are built using appliances that are energy efficient. These include things like dual flush toilets, energy efficient hot water heaters, and more. Ask your luxury custom home builders which they recommend, since they probably have a good idea of good and bad brands and appliances.

Do you have any tips for working with luxury custom house builders on making your home more green and energy efficient? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.
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