What Types of Donations Can You Give to Local Charity Foundations?


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Just about everyone knows that it’s important to clear out your pantry every now and then to see what kinds of food donations you can give to charity. However, there are also other types of donations that you can give to your local charity foundations to help others. Not only is donating the “green” thing to do, in order to keep reusable items from entering the landfill, but it also is a great step toward helping families in need in your area.

So which kinds of items can you give to the generous charity foundations in your area? Here are a few popular types of donations you can make:


Clothing donations are some of the simplest to give because they are something that everyone has. Whether you have articles of clothing you no longer like to wear or your children have outgrown the garments in their closets, you can donate them to charity. These used clothing donations then go toward helping families and children in your area, and any excess donations can also be recycled.


Some charity groups will accept furniture donations as a way to help families, as well. Furnishing a home can be costly, so these donations are either given directly to the needy or they can be sold for a low price in a secondhand store. If you’re unable to bring your furniture directly to a donation drop off center, you might be eligible for a donation pick up service instead.


Televisions, computers, video game systems, and other electronic goods can become obsolete within just a few years, so many people no longer want to keep them around. If you have old electronics in your house collecting dust, consider donating them. Giving them to charity ensures that they can be given to others, sold for a low price to make them affordable to families, or recycled if they can no longer be used.

Other Household Goods

These days, just about anything can be donated to charity to be reused so long as it is in good condition. Toys, small home appliances, old cellular phones, and other consumer goods can all be given to charity, so they don’t wind up polluting the earth instead. If you’re wondering where to donate household items, be sure to call a local charity and ask if they can be accepted first.

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