Three Super Cute Organizational Tricks Every Gardener Should Know


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A garden shed is every gardener’s best friend. It keeps seeds and soils safe and dry and stores all of the tools, seed pods, and equipment a gardener needs. Sheds and garagesa>, however, aren’t always the most attractive part of a property, and making just a couple of updates can turn an old shed into a cute work space. Here are three storage tips to make your shed a little more cute and a little more organized.

1. Wood Lattice
Small sheds need a little more work in the way of creating storage space. Luckily, you can find it right on the walls. It’s really important to use as much vertical space as you can in a small space, and adding some wooden lattice on the walls of the back of the door is an interesting and unique way to hang things. Keep the wood natural for a more rustic look and use large S hooks to hang your tools.

2. A Brightly Colored Peg Board
Since using the space on the walls is one of the best ways to maximize space in a small garden shed, getting a large pegboard or one that takes up an entire wall is a good way to do it. To make it an even more interesting and eye-catching part of the shed, give it a couple of coats of a bright or vibrant color.

3. Old Jars for Small Items
If you have a shelf or a table in your shed, another cute and easy organizational trick is to nail the lids of old jars to the underside of the surface and use the corresponding jar to store small and miscellaneous items. This way, you’ll have organized a bunch of small items, found an out of the way place for them, and still have them within reach when you do need them.

Do you have any cute organizational tips or tricks for garden sheds? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below!