6 Pillows for Those Who Struggle to Sleep at Night


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If you get into bed at night and have trouble falling asleep, or you suffer from pain as a result of sleeping, you should consider changing your pillow. There are many types of pillows out there and you should choose your pillow depending on the way you sleep, as well as any sleep-related issues you might have. Below, you can find a list of pillows as well as the types of people who should choose these pillows to potentially improve their sleep.

Thin pillows with a curve
While you may already think you have a preference in this area, you may be choosing based on immediate comfort rather than long-term comfort. Thin pillows with a curve are the best for those who sleep on their backs. Since they are thin, they won’t elevate your head so much that you begin to snore, while the curve supports your neck to prevent neck pain.

Thin and flat pillows
Similar to those who sleep on their backs, those who sleep on their stomachs also need thin pillows. Rather than choosing a thin pillow with a slight curve, though, you’ll want to choose a completely thin and flat pillow to avoid elevating your head in the wrong direction.

Firm pillows
While many people sleep on their sides, or end up on their sides throughout the night, many do not know which pillow to buy. For those sleeping on the side, you should be sleeping on a firm pillow in order to fully support your head. One with a contour is even better.
Sleeping on the side can actually hinder breathing and cut off blood circulation, so for those who snore or suffer from low blood circulation, you may want to switch to your back or stomach.

Memory Foam pillows
For those who suffer from sleep-related issues, you’ve all probably tried memory foam pillows. While they may be helpful for some, they also tend to absorb heat. So for those who suffer from hot flashes or night sweats, you’re better off going with another pillow.

“Cool” pillows
These pillows are as cool as the other side of the… Oh, wait. Cool pillows are perfect for those who suffer from night sweats or from hot flashes as they rarely get warm.

Anti-snore pillows
For those who suffer from snoring, or who suffer from someone else snoring, you may want to consider purchasing an anti-snore pillow. While these pillows are not 100% proven, it might be worth trying depending on how bad the snoring is.

If changing your pillow doesn’t help you sleep better, you may want to consider changing your bed. Many people cannot get a good night’s sleep on a flat mattress, as an incline at the head or foot of the bed may prevent you from curling up into a ball, which can generate pain. One way to fix this is to look into electric beds, particularly luxury adjustable beds. Electric beds are also available with optional heat and massage, which may provide temporary relief from nighttime heartburn and lower back pain. So, if you’ve switched your pillow and still suffer at night, it may be time to look into electric beds.