You Won’t Believe the Crazy Things That Have Been Found in Abandoned Storage Units


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There are many benefits of self storage units. They are very helpful in keeping your home clear and organized, and keeping out clutter. You can still collect things, and hang on to mementos with an important significance, but those mementos do not have to be hanging around in your home all day, taking up space. There are a number of different things you can use a self storage unit for: everything from wine storage, to car storage, to boat storage. There are a variety or storage units in a variety of sizes, with a variety of different features to suit your needs.

But as it turns out, some people’s storage needs are a little bit more offbeat than others. Over the years, people who have bought storage units full of belongings, the owners of which have fallen behind in their payments, have made some interesting discoveries upon checking out the contents.

5 Weird Storage Unit Discoveries

  1. James Bond Car – A Long Island man won a storage unit with a $100 bid, and hoped he would find some tools inside. Instead, he found a Lotus Esprit S1 automobile with no wheels, just moving fins. He thought it looked cool, and was in relatively good shape. He brought it home, only to find out that it was the famous Lotus submarine car driven by Roger Moore in the 1977 James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me. The man wouldn’t have known this, because he had never seen a single Bond film.
  2. Burt Reynolds Memorabilia – Burt Reynolds is allegedly a bit of a packrat, and when he managed to fall behind on the payments for one of his storage units and it was sold at auctions, it was revealed just how much of a packrat the actor was. Among the haul from Reynolds’ trailer: the canoe from the movie Deliverance, a full-size horse carriage built by Dolly Parton, a Smokey and the Bandit toy car, and a bill of sale for Roy Rogers’ horse, Trigger. The unit contained so many interesting things that its new owners decided to open a museum in Jupiter, FL to display the contents.
  3. Grandma – When a storage facility manager told a Florida family that their storage unit was going to be auctioned off, due to late payments, the family confessed that their unit contained something that couldn’t be sold. Inside the unit, which was not air-conditioned, was Grandma’s remains. The body had rested in the storage unit for the last 17 years. Probably not what Grandma had in mind for her final resting place.

One of the benefits of self storage units is the privacy. Anyone can hide anything they want in their storage unit, away from prying eyes. Unfortunately, this has allowed people to store some pretty weird things in there. So regardless which of the benefits of self storage units are appealing to you, this proves that you can store all sorts of things inside.