Four Qualities Every Good Wedding Venue Should Have


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In the United States, an average of nearly $72 billion dollars are spent on weddings each year. While a wide array of details and services are covered by the many different budgets that comprise this sizable amount, from the dress to the cake, there is one detail that is perhaps most important: the venue. After all, without places to hold the ceremony and reception, the wedding can’t happen at all. But even though a quick search will reveal a number of cheap wedding venues and beautiful wedding places, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Follow the steps below to help you choose a location that will work for your wedding!

Think About What You Want
Most people don’t know what they’re looking for until they see it, but it can still be helpful to have a basic idea of the type of place you would like to hold a ceremony. For example, 15% of wedding receptions are held outside, a great option for places where you can trust the weather. Likewise, brides and grooms on a budget may find that a banquet hall can help their search for beautiful and cheap wedding venues: they are not only large, comfortable, and visually pleasing, but they also allow parties to establish set times for their events, which can help with planning.

Keep an Eye on the Size
You have a number of people on both sides that you want to invite, and if they don’t all have seating, room to dance and more, your wedding day could run into a number of problems before it even begins. Look at how the room is shaped, think about how it could be divided, and make sure there is sufficient parking to accommodate everyone on your guest list.

Don’t Forget the Technical Details
Are there enough outlets to power a DJ booth and other important equipment? Are the acoustics suitable, or are you overpowered by echoes? Is the lighting, from the location’s windows to it’s electricity, sufficient for the time of day you plan to have your event? Is the venue fairly private, or will you constantly be interrupted by passerby? Eliminating problems during your venue search can prevent a number of headaches later on.

Atmosphere is Everything
Even cheap wedding venues can have access to a great view or interesting characteristic that will look great in your pictures; look for something that catches your attention. Also, be mindful of the colors of the room, nearby buildings, landscaping and other prominent features: while they don’t have to match your color scheme or decorations, clashing hues will look unappealing and distract from the event.

There are likely a number of beautiful, unique wedding places in any area that fit your budget and will be perfect for your big day. By remembering the practical details, from parking to lighting and more, you can eliminate the venues that just aren’t right and find the one that will help make your wedding an event to remember. Don’t settle for ill-fitting, cheap wedding venues: use these tips to find one that is right for you, your friends and family, and your future spouse! Read more blogs like this: