Four Steps to Finding a Great, Affordable Apartment


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Did you know that around 35% of American adults in the United States choose to rent an apartment or housing unit instead of buying a home? This is typically due to cheaper costs, but also a number of luxurious benefits: while most homeowners receive no annual tax benefits from owning a home, and are also at the mercy of fluctuating house prices, renting an apartment gives tenants access to a stable, affordable, high-quality living space without a long-term commitment. If you’re interested in living a life of luxury and flexibility at a cost-effective price, this probably sounds perfect for you. However, you first need to find apartments that fit both your lifestyle and your budget. But while apartment hunting can be difficult, thanks to a few simple steps, you can find a number of cheap apartments that give you exactly what you’re looking for. Read on to find out how to find apartments that are right for you!

First, Set a Budget
Consider how much money you bring in each month. Typically, it is recommended that you spend no more than 25-30% of your income on rent. However, don’t forget to consider the cost of groceries, utilities, gas or commuting prices. Once you have settled on a number, you can begin searching for apartments within this price range. Don’t be afraid to be conservative: renting a cheap apartment allows you to save more money each month.

Second, Consider Your Location
You might not be able to afford an apartment in the best location in your area and an amazing view to boot, but if you prioritize, you can help yourself identify neighborhoods that give you what you want. Want to live within a certain distance of a park? Looking for nearby grocery stores and other convenient amenities? Interested in staying close to work? Create a list of these qualities, sorting them by how vital they are to your happiness. Then, find areas that have as many of these factors as possible. Search within these areas for affordable housing, moving to the next neighborhood if all options exceed your budget.

Third, Get a Feel for the Atmosphere
Once you have found some neighborhoods that offer a number of attractive benefits and also appear to have a number of cheap apartments available for rent, make plans to take a walk around each area. Think about things like traffic, and look for nearby train tracks, hospitals and fire stations, which can make living in an area irritating. Also, consider stopping in a few coffee shops, restaurants and stores to see if you can picture yourself visiting regularly.

Fourth, Start Your Actual Search
Finding a cheap apartment takes patience and effort. Look for apartment floor plans and other factors that meet your needs, but don’t be afraid to occasionally stray outside your budget requirements: landlords will sometimes lower their rent requirements if they find a tenant with a stable job and great references, or even if they want to rent the unit quickly. When you find an apartment you like, call immediately and take the first possible booking to prevent losing the unit before you even see it. By following these steps, you can find an apartment that fits your needs and budget, allowing you to live in a high quality space in an area you enjoy.

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