Three Reasons to Downsize to an Apartment


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While the economy is showing gradual signs of improvement, the current state of the nation has yet to feel secure. As a result, more people are expanding their job searches to include new cities, or simply downsizing to apartments rather than owning their own homes. This is a fairly common trend across the country: in Pasadena, Texas, for example, as many as 38.51% of homes are rented instead of owned, and an estimated 4.89% of apartments were available for rent in 2014, suggesting that people in the area prefer to enjoy the benefits of an apartment lease instead of a mortgage. However, whether you’re moving to a new location or reconsidering your budget, choosing to rent an apartment can seem like a drastic step, especially if you owned your own home in the past. Fortunately, renting an apartment offers a variety of advantages that make the choice well worth the plunge.

  1. You’ll Save a Significant Amount of Money– Many people think of cheap apartments as dodgy, ill-maintained places, but even luxury apartments are often more affordable than owning your own home. The average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment in the United States is $957 a month as of 2014, and most areas will offer a variety of apartment listings that are more or less expensive than this amount, allowing you to choose the best option for your budget. Additionally, by renting an apartment, you often do not have to pay extra for services such as lawn care, which can help you save even more money.
  2. You Have Access to a Wide Selection of Potential Living Spaces– As previously mentioned, renting gives you access to a number of price levels that can allow you to best meet your monthly budget. However, renting also allows you to choose from a variety of apartment floor plans, sizes, additional features, and more. This allows you to choose the best living space for your lifestyle, while buying a house might require you to limit yourself due to what you can and can’t afford.
  3. Renting Gives You Greater Flexibility– When you own a home, you are effectively rooted in one place, which makes it more difficult to move for work, pursue goals and opportunities, and more. However, an apartment lease offers a relatively significant amount of flexibility if you need to move for work or other reasons, or simply desire a change of location. In an economic climate that is still fairly uncertain, this ability can be incredibly valuable.

Today, as many as 35% of American adults in the U.S. rent their living space. While owning a home is a preferable and desirable option for many, the economy and other factors have made it unfeasible for many. However, an apartment lease offers a variety of benefits, including a greater amount of flexibility, allowing renters to roll with the punches that are thrown at them. Whether you want to move to a new location or simply reduce your expenses, moving to an apartment might be an ideal first step. Helpful research also found here: