How to make scented soy candles


Beautiful candles with flowers on wooden background
How to make scented soy candles
It has been a year that my friends always ask to make my candles. Though, I am not expert yet crafting new things is my obsession. Making scented soy candles is not a tough though. It is like melt, pour, and leave to set. Prior to beginning with the process, I placed my order for at Natural Candle supplies and patiently waited for the arrival of items. In the meantime, I came to know about Young House Love Winter Pinterest Challenge. This challenge had sponsored by a group of bloggers to recreate something they ‘pinned’.

I participated in the challenge and my challenge was set – make my own soy candles. I took this challenge very seriously and doubled it by using odd glasses to make the soy candles.  Yes, I did not know that it would be pretty easy to clean the odd glasses but when I read this tutorial I happened to clean them like new glasses.

The first step is to fill them with hot water. When I was filling hot water, my mother told me that they might be broken as they were quite old, but mine did not break. The hot water should remain inside the glass until wax is not lifted.

Now let’s discuss the technical points. It is not necessary to re-use your old candles. You can use whatever you wish to- old jars, a little pot, tea cups etc.  You have to begin with fixing the wick on the bottom of your jar. You can attach the wick by using sticky tape. Hot glue guns are not allowed. Once you pour the hot wax, the glue will float up from the bottom. However, do not use them. For holding the wick tightly on the center, use something to hold the wick.  My bag clips worked perfectly at this stage however I used them.

Now it is time for the wax. Before going in the details, you should check the capacity of your jars. Take for the granted, if your jar has the capacity to hold 1 cup of liquid then you should gauge 2 cups of wax flakes.Once you are done with the measurement, pour them in the head-proof jug and microwave for 1 minute. After completion of 1 minute, stir them and again microwave them for 1 minute. Continue this practice, until the flakes are not melted properly. You should use oven glove to take the hot jug out of the microwave.

Now it is time to scent your candles. I would suggest you to use special essentials oils made for candles rather than using the normal oils. I personally like classic French vanilla. To protect your skin, I would recommend you to use rubber gloves when you add the oil in the jar.

After stirring the fragrance, pour the wax in your containers and leave them to set for at least 12 hours.

Now, your candles are ready. They can be used after completing the 12 hours setting time. You can buy 1 piece of these candles in $19 from store. Isn’t this the best way to save your money through your own creativity? Of course yes.