How Long Should It Take to Deep Clean a House?


Cleaning your house might seem like it takes forever, but it is possible to deep clean a house in as little as one day. This involves breaking the cleaning tasks down into smaller, manageable chunks and focusing on each task until completion. Make sure that you have all of your supplies available before beginning the process so that time isn’t wasted running back and forth between rooms. If you want to know how long should it take to deep clean a house really, read on below for tips!

10 Minutes to Clean your Drain

If you want to know how long should it take to deep clean a house, it’s important to factor in the time it takes to clean certain areas of your home. Start with the drain in your kitchen or bathroom, as this can be a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt. You’ll need a plunger, some cleaning solution, and 10-15 minutes per drain to get it spotless.

Drain cleaning might not seem like a big deal, but it can help you maintain a healthier home and reduce the potential for clogs in your pipes. In addition, consider using a drain snake for any serious clogs that might occur.

Clean Your Garbage Disposal in Seconds

In addition to hiring a drain cleaning company or using a drain snake, you might also want to consider cleaning your garbage disposal as part of your deep clean. This can usually be done in seconds with some ice cubes, citrus peels, and baking soda. Run the ice cubes through your disposal for a few seconds, then pour in the baking soda and let it sit for several minutes before rinsing it out.

The citrus peels will help to deodorize the disposal and leave your kitchen smelling fresh. This is an easy way to deep clean your kitchen in just a few seconds.

Several Minutes to Clean Appliances

When deep cleaning you’ll want to clean all of your appliances as well. This includes the stove top, oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher. For each appliance you’ll need a mild cleaning solution and several minutes for each to get them sparkling. Unlike drain pipe cleaning, it’s relatively fast and easy to get everything cleaned up and sparkly.

To help speed up the cleaning process, spray your solution and let it sit while you move to the next appliance. This will help reduce scrubbing time and make it easier to get all of your appliances clean in one go. In addition, only use cleaners designed for your appliances. For instance, steel wool and abrasive cleaners could damage certain surfaces. Depending on how many appliances you have, this task can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more.

Minutes to Clean Surfaces

Surfaces such as countertops are also important when deep cleaning a house. You will need to clean all of the surfaces throughout your home, including kitchen countertops and bathroom counters. This can be done with a mild cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth.

It’s important to note that you’ll need to take time cleaning surfaces several times over. One pass isn’t enough to remove all of the dirt and grime that can collect on surfaces. Be sure to give each surface a few minutes of attention before moving on to the next one. If you’re wondering how long should it take to deep clean a house, read the directions on your surface cleaner, and use the correct amount of product and time as directed. This will help ensure that you clean your surfaces properly and as efficiently as possible. If you hire a cleaning service, let them know that you want the surfaces in your home to be deeply cleaned.

Clean Your Vents

With the help of professional duct cleaners, you can deep clean your vents in no time. Most duct cleaners offer services such as dryer vent cleaning, air duct cleaning, and more. These services can help to improve air quality in your home, as well as reduce the amount of allergens inside. For those wondering how long should it take to deep clean a house, depending on how many vents you need to clean, this task may take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more.

In addition to getting your ducts cleaned inside, you can also clean any dust off the outside of your vent using a brush and vacuum cleaner. This will help to reduce the amount of dust that accumulates in your home and make it easier to keep clean in between deep cleans.

Time to Take Out Trash

While it might not seem like it, getting rid of bulk trash can take time when deep cleaning a house. Depending on the amount of trash you have, it can take several hours to properly sort and dispose of everything. Be sure to wear protective gloves when handling any bulk trash and use a garbage bag or receptacle to get rid of it. If you have too much trash to dispose of properly and are wondering how long should it take to deep clean a house, a dumpster rental business or dumpster rental services may be able to help lessen the time for disposal. Check your local listings for a reliable dumpster rental business.

When getting rid of trash, consider donating items or selling them beforehand. For instance, if you know you’re going to deep clean your house before a move, start getting rid of items that you don’t need anymore. This can help you to reduce the amount of bulk trash and save time during your deep clean.

Time to Clean Your Basement

The basement is often a forgotten area when it comes to deep cleaning. This is especially true if you rarely use the basement or have been meaning to declutter it. However, spending some time to clean your basement can help to improve the overall look and feel of your home.

For those wondering how long should it take to deep clean a house and how long basement deep cleaning should take, it may take anywhere from an hour to several hours. If you have a lot of clutter and need to do some sorting, it may take even longer. Take your time when deep cleaning the basement and be sure to discard any items you no longer need. In addition, you should also inspect other items, such as your hot water heater, furnace, and air conditioning unit to make sure they are functioning properly. By taking the time to deep clean your basement, you can make sure it’s safe and free of clutter.

Time to Clean Around Pets

If you have pets and are wondering how long should it take to deep clean a house, you might need additional items and time, such as a small dumpster, to properly deep clean your home. Pet hair, dander, and dirt can be difficult to remove without the right equipment and products. You may also need to purchase pet-safe cleaning products to ensure that your animals are not exposed to any harsh chemicals.

In addition, if you have outdoor pets, you may need to spend extra time cleaning their living areas. Take the time to sweep away dirt and debris, as well as wash down any surfaces that may have come in contact with pet waste. It’s also important to wash your pet’s bedding and toys to remove any bacteria or allergens. Overall, it can take anywhere from one to two hours or more to deep clean your pet’s area. The exact amount of time needed will depend on the size of the area and how much cleaning is required because of your pets.

Time to Vacuum

If you’re wondering how long should it take to deep clean a house, fortunately, one of the fastest yet most important tasks when deep cleaning a house is vacuuming. This helps to remove dirt and debris from the floors and can be done in just about an hour. Be sure to use a vacuum that is equipped with attachments such as brushes and crevice tools in order to reach hard-to-reach areas.

Vacuuming your house takes time, but it’s necessary to get rid of dirt and dust that has been accumulating in various areas. Most professional janitor services also recommend vacuuming twice a week to keep the home clean in between deep cleans. To shorten your vacuuming time, consider investing in a robot vacuum with multi-room navigation capabilities. Not only will a Roomba or similar robot vacuum be able to clean your floors quickly and efficiently, but it will also be able to reach areas of your home that are difficult for you to reach.

Time to Mop

Mopping can be a bit time-consuming, but it’s necessary for a thorough deep clean. Depending on the size of your home and the amount of time you need to dedicate to mopping, you should be able to finish this chore in an hour or two.

If you have hardwood floors, use a dust mop to get rid of dirt and debris first. Then, switch to a damp mop with the right type of cleaner for your flooring material. You may also want to consider investing in a steam mop, which can help to sanitize your floors and reduce the amount of time needed for mopping.

In addition, there are now new mop buckets that can help reduce the time to top, since you don’t need to constantly dump and refill the bucket. If you have a large home, it may be worth investing in one of these new mop buckets to help speed up the process.

Time to Clean Windows

Windows and window ledges can quickly accumulate dust, dirt and debris. To deep clean your windows, you should start by removing all of the window screens and then cleaning them separately. This ensures that you get rid of all the dirt, dust and pollen that has been collecting on them.

Once the window screens have been cleaned, it’s time to start cleaning the windows. First, use a cloth and an all-purpose cleaner to wipe off any dirt or residue from the window frame and the window sill. Then, use a window cleaner and a squeegee to clean the glass itself. In order to get streak-free windows, use a lint-free cloth to wipe the glass dry.

On average, it should take about an hour to clean about 4 windows at 15 minutes per window. However, if you have more windows or difficult-to-reach windows, it may take longer. In addition, you’ll need to wipe down window ledges and curtains to ensure a thorough deep clean.

Time To Clean Your Upholstery and Carpeted Areas

Upholstered furniture and carpeted areas can be breeding grounds for dust and dirt, so it’s important to deep clean these areas as well. To get rid of dirt, use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment to go over the fabric of your furniture.

In addition, you’ll need to use a carpet cleaner to remove any dirt and stains from your carpets. If you’re wondering how long should it take to deep clean a house and your carpets, this can take anywhere from an hour to three hours, depending on the size of the room and how much dirt needs to be removed.

In summary, for those wondering how long should it take to deep clean a house, it can take anywhere from a few hours to an entire day to deep clean your home. The size of the house and the amount of dirt and debris in the home will determine how long it takes. With the right tools, however, you can speed up the process and get your home looking spotless in no time.