How To Tell If You Need Roof Repairs


Most homeowners don’t realize they need roof repairs until it’s too late. At the first sight of damage, you must act right away.

In this video, Don Kennedy discusses the basic causes of damage and what an experienced contractor offers for customers that need roof repairs. His company, ProMaster Home Repair and Handyman Services, cautions that a roof’s age doesn’t matter.

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If it isn’t installed or maintained properly, even the slightest wind gust can send shingles flying. Unfortunately, these errors are far too common. Missed or misaligned seams create major issues if the tar strips don’t line up. Check for unsealed nail heads also. Any wiggle room can result in water getting underneath and eventually leaking through the ceiling. This is especially troublesome along the ridges and valleys of the roof.

When one or more of these faults is detected, the repair is required. The Cincinnati-based company encourages homeowners to be proactive. Don’t wait to find even more shingles littering the backyard. Replace sealant as needed on any area that isn’t already nailed down tightly. Yearly maintenance and inspection can extend the life of your roof and ensure any defects are caught immediately.