How to Prepare Your House for Summer Fun


Summer is a time to have fun doing activities like partying, picnicking, and going to the beach. No one feels like cleaning or taking up any house renovation or remodeling projects which are paramount. Even people who plan to go on holidays during summer will still spend a significant amount of time at home. Therefore, take time and get your house ready for all those summer fun activities you plan to enjoy. Ways on how to prepare your house for summer fun include:

Touch up Your Home’s Paint

A good paint job always has the ability to transform a place, giving it a fresh, appealing look. However, painting during summer comes with its own set of challenges due to the hot weather. Surfaces absorb heat, making it hard to work on them, and the paint also dries too quickly, distorting its texture. The best time to paint is either early morning or late evening. It’s best to hire exterior painting contractors for the job since they have more skills and expertise. Summer is the time to bring out patio furniture, which you have been storing due to the unfriendly weather. It’s probably a bit worn out, so you will need to repaint it a little. Even the old metal pieces can be spray painted. Your shutter and trim also need attention. After a long and harsh winter, they probably look a bit rough and in need of a paint job. How about trying an unexpected color to see how that turns out? For the interiors, start with the walls. Decide whether you will repaint the same color or go for something bold that says ‘summer is here.’ You can even add an accent wall to shake things up a bit. Your baseboards also need a bit of attention. Clean off any scruffs, then simply repaint them. Do not forget your interior doors need some sprucing up too. Most interior doors are either white or wooden. You can choose to be bold and paint an unexpected color.

Have Your AC Looked at

You want to cut down the cost of cooling your home and having your AC checked out. These activities are among the best ways on how to prepare your house for summer. Getting an HVAC contractor to look at your AC ensures your electricity bills do not hit the roof during this warm period. Your filter will need to be changed. Typically, they need replacement every two months for the AC to run smoothly. The condensation lines will need some cleaning because they tend to get clogged. Clogged pipes can damage the air conditioner, giving you additional bills. Consider installing a programmable thermostat that reduces the use of an AC when you do not need it. They are easy to install, and you will not need a contractor for that. The unit outside has probably collected dust and other debris during winter, which has affected how your AC runs. If the coils are not that soiled, turn off the power and use a garden hose to spray it down. If the units are heavily soiled, get a commercial AC cleaner from the store. Clean the fins in the unit outside using a soft brush not to bend the thin metals. You will also want to remove any debris around the outside unit and check if the ductwork is leaking. These are ways to increase your AC efficiency.

Plan Home Renovation Projects Early

There are several ways on how to prepare your house for summer by doing renovations early. Start by upgrading your windows. Worn-out windows can lead to heat loss which increases your energy bills. Get a window suitable for your home style to make your home look more appealing. This is also a good time to replace or repaint your kitchen cabinets and change the countertops or renovate your kitchen’s backsplash. The summer is all about entertaining guests, and you will want to work in an appealing kitchen. A bathroom is also an ideal area to upgrade after a long winter. Give the bathtub an upgrade, or simply replace the walls surrounding it for a fresh look. If you have been using a curtain, now can be an excellent time to change to a glass door. Improve the lighting by adding a skylight; it helps a room feel larger. For the bathroom countertops, use marble and travertine as they are attractive with a luxurious feel.

Clean the Gutters

When making a list of how to prepare your house for summer, do not forget to add cleaning the gutters and downspouts. Start by getting a sturdy ladder, a bucket, and a pair of gloves to scoop off debris from the gutter. Remove everything from leaves, sticks, and bugs. You will also want to check on old bird nests, ensuring that no bird is inside before getting rid of them. Once you have removed everything, take a garden hose and spray the gutters down with water. Get a scrub brush and abrasive soap to remove any persistent dirt. It will be easy to find any damages that need repair when the gutter is clean. Fix any leaks, holes, or sagging areas, or call a gutter professional to fix it for you.

Refresh Your Patio Furniture

You probably stored some of your patio furniture somewhere to prevent damage from winter and spring. During summer, bring out the furniture, clean it and do a bit of maintenance to make it more appealing. For any wooden tables and seats, apply teak oil or natural oils to weatherproof the wood finishes. The oils protect the wood against damage caused by the sun. Your outdoor cushions probably need maintenance from time to time using a soft brush, vacuuming, or even pressure washing if they are filthy. Use the weatherproofing spray to treat outdoor fabrics as it prevents the fabric from fading due to exposure to the sun. Your chairs and tables might have gotten a bit wobbly, so tighten any loose crews and bolts. A visit to the best furniture store near you can also help you find interesting items to spruce things up.

Repair Old Fencing

Another way on how to prepare your house for summer is by repairing your fence. Your wooden fence has probably gone through a harsh winter with exposure to rain, snow, ice, and hail. All that pressure has put a strain on it, and it needs maintenance. Start by power washing the fence. You will notice that it has accumulated dirt, leaves, debris, branches, and dust. Such layers can eventually damage the wood. When the fence is clean, you will easily spot any damaged areas that need repair. Stain and seal the wood as part of your routine maintenance to increase its lifespan. If you have noticed any cracks, weaknesses, or breaks, repair them or call a fence company to do it. A new fence is also a good idea, especially if the one you have has lasted you a long time.

Prepare Your Pool

If there is one place that you will probably be spending most of the summer, it is around the pool. When cleaning it, do not empty it unless you want to do some structural work or it is too dirty with leaves at the bottom. Clean the filters and remove all the debris around the pool. A backpack blower can effectively help you clean all the dead leaves accumulated in your pool during fall. Using a hose, top the water in the pool, even if it looks dirty. Once you are done, take all the pool cleaning products, pour them inside, and then turn on the pump and filter; that process will clean the pool. Let the process run 24 to 48 hrs. Since water reduces through evaporation, keep it full at all times. Do not forget to clean the area around the pool. Cleaning a pool is no easy task; consider calling pool cleaning services to do the task.

Clean Up Outdoor Social Spaces

If you are wondering how to prepare your house for summer when it comes to the outdoors, start cleaning and making space for outdoor activities. Use a pressure washer to clean your patio so that you can see whether the paving has been damaged and needs repair. Before you start mowing your lawn, check whether there are any forgotten toys or fallen branches. Your edges will also need some trimming to get that perfect angle. Pull out any weeds and trim hedges for a neat look. During this period, you are likely to host a few guests, so how about getting your grill ready. Preheat the grill till it is warm, then scrape off baked-on bits on the grill. Clean all parts, including the grates, the underside, and inside the walls. Do not forget outdoor lighting. This is one element that can completely transform your space. Complement the seating area and walkways with functional lighting, and put some fancy lights among the plants. There are eco-friendly options that you should consider as they will save you on electricity bills. If you are using traditional lighting, ensure all of the bulbs are working. While some of these things you can DIY, when it comes to construction, best hire a deck and patio builder to transform your outdoor spaces.

Maintain Your Garage

Taking care of your garage is also among the ways on how to prepare your house for summer fun. Most likely, your garage is not air-conditioned, which means when it gets really hot, and working from there becomes challenging. If you also plan on storing items in your garage that might get damaged with extreme heat, you will need to make a few adjustments. Start by replacing the aging door or calling a garage door service company to do it for you. It is best to install doors with insulation features. They will minimize the transfer of heat from outside, maintaining tolerable temperatures inside. For the garage door to operate smoothly, lubricate all the moving parts. Consider getting a lighter paint color for your garages like stone gray, cool blue, or olive green. Dark colors tend to absorb the sun’s heat, which will also contribute to warm temperatures inside. Most people use their garage as a storage facility for things like garden supplies, sporting equipment, or just about anything. Get rid of all the clutter by sorting out what you need and what needs to be sold or thrown away. Once you are done, clean the garage and the garage door, using mild detergent not to damage the paint.

Prepare the Bedrooms

The last thing that you are probably thinking about is sleeping during the summer. Appropriately preparing your bedroom is a significant way on the how to prepare your house for summer. When you are done hosting guests or visiting friends and partying, you will want a nice sleeping space for some good rest. Start by cleaning and removing all the clutter you do not need. That laundry pile that you keep avoiding, it’s time to deal with it. Look for items that you no longer need, like warm coats, and store them at the back of the closet. A cluttered room has a way of distracting the mind and making you feel disorganized. You may not necessarily need to repaint your room, but consider getting some white sheers curtains or use bedding covers with creamy tones. How about changing your bedroom scent with some citrus aromas and ocean sprays? You want scents that give you the feeling of an adventure even when you are in a room. You will also need the right linens for your bed. Summer is a hot season, and you do not want to wake up sweating and uncomfortable in the middle of the night. Get something more breathable, like bamboo or cotton sheets.

There are many ways on how to prepare your house for summer that will ensure you have a memorable and fun time. You can even involve the whole family in this project so that you do not get overwhelmed. Also, consider hiring a professional when it comes to technical matters beyond your skills.