Helpful Information Surrounding The Importance Of Charitable Donations


If you’re looking to give back to charity, as very nearly three quarters of the American population will do over the course of a single year, consider a Red Cross clothes donation. The Red Cross clothes donation is ideal for a number of different reasons. For one thing, used clothing donations are incredibly cost effective, as they come out of clothing that you already own. If you are struggling to come up with enough money to make any kind of monetary donation, a Red Cross clothes donation or other such clothing donation is hugely ideal.

After all, we are now consuming more and more clothing than ever before. In total, the amount of clothing consumed throughout this one country over the course of a year is likely to at least reach 20 billion articles of clothing. That means that each and every person is, on average, consuming very nearly 70 pieces of clothing and around seven pairs of shoes – both high numbers indeed to have been consumed all within the course of just one single year. For many people, this leaves them with quite the surplus of clothing indeed, so much clothing that they might not even really know what to do with it.

But how do you decide what clothing you should donate? Even operating with a surplus of clothing in your closet, it can still be hard to make the final call one way or another. After all, much of our clothing comes filled with sentimental value, meaning that it can be hard to make the call to go without it. For many people, this can mean ending up with closets that are simply overflowing with clothing that they no longer wear. Operating by a few rules of thumb for getting rid of clothing can help the process along quite immensely indeed.

For instance, those who live in one season or two season climates should not be holding onto anything that has not been worn at least once over the course of any given six month period. In addition to this, any clothing that no longer fits, either by being too big or too small, should also ideally be donated. For many people, this will help to clear out a lot of space and reduce the amount of clutter that they must deal with – something that is certainly quite hugely important indeed.

Making a Red Cross clothes donation will be hugely environmentally beneficial as well. Unfortunately, up to ten pounds of clothing will be thrown away each and every year – and that’s just per person. The Red Cross clothes donation can prevent this from becoming a reality. Already, as a matter of fact, more than four and a half billion pounds of clothing are saved from landfills all throughout the country – a number that has only been growing with each passing year. Ultimately, this is already making a change, something that has been very much needed by our planet and by those who are in need of the services that a charity like the American Red Cross provides.

After all, making a Red Cross clothes donation is quite a bit easier than many people might actually realize. To donate clothes to Red Cross organizations, all you’ll need to find is a Red Cross donation center or even just a Red Cross clothing drop off site. For most people, this will be highly accessible and so making a Red Cross clothes donation is really not all that much more difficult or time intensive than throwing the clothing away instead. Therefore, making a Red Cross clothes donation has truly become more popular and utilized than ever before, all throughout the United States.

At the end of the day, giving back to your community is a hugely important thing, and something that a Red Cross clothes donation or other type of clothing donation can very much facilitate, to say the very least. In a great many cases, if not just in all of them, making something like Red Cross clothes donation is also a great way to give back to the planet, something that we should all be as focused on as we can.