Kitchen Remodels Can Add Functionality and Value to a Home

average cost of kitchen makeover


Are you considering an upcoming kitchen remodeling project? If so, your first step should be to find a remodeling company or a good local contractor that you can work with. These professionals can help you determine the average cost of a condo kitchen remodel or a full home kitchen renovation. This is critical as being able to properly plan and budget for your project is critical to getting the final results that you are after.

Working with a construction or design company can help you easily find the average cost of cabinets and countertops and coordinate with your budget and what your ultimate goals are as far as the look and feel you want. If you have questions about the average cost of kitchen addition upgrades, these professionals can help you figure out what you do and do not need. Budget planning and price comparisons are easier with a seasoned expert walking you through the process from start to finish.

If you need help calculating the average cost of kitchen cabinet remodel, countertop installation, flooring upgrade, or any other kitchen renovation work, call your local kitchen experts today for help and guidance.

You are finally ready to start thinking about kitchen design. After years of spending all of your money on gymnastics and piano lessons, you are transitioning into a different phase of your life. As new empty nesters, in fact, you and your husband are wasting no time in making sure that you start addressing the many parts of your home that could really use your attention. Kitchen design is the first priority, but you are more than anxious to work on other areas of the house as well.

From personally planned kitchen renovation projects to the work that many professionals kitchen designers provide for their clients, this is one kind of project that can add significant value to your property. In fact, even a minor kitchen remodel has an average return on investment (ROI) of 82.7%.
Do You Have a Kitchen Remodel Scheduled for This Summer?
Whether you are a new empty nester or you are moving into a different home with your younger children, there are many times when a kitchen remodel makes good sense. In addition to making sure that you are able to cook on the newest appliances, these changes can also offer a way to save on utility bills. In fact, the latest dishwashing machines, refrigerators, cooktop stoves, and ovens come with much better efficiency ratings that reduce monthly utility bills immediately.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the latest information about kitchen remodeling and the other renovations that many people make to their homes:

  • Although kitchens are always popular renovations, nearly 35% of remodeling jobs involved the whole home.
  • An estimated $6,148 was spent per home remodeling project in 2017, according to National Association of Home Buyers data. This compares to $5,800 in 2016.
  • When home owners decide to remodel, 35% of them indicate that it is a process to update worn out surfaces, finishes, and materials.
  • In suburban areas, 55% of home owners indicate that they would be willing to remodel their home. Interestingly, that number increasing to 70% in rural areas.
  • It was estimated that $326.1 billion was spent on home improvement and repair in 2015 in the U.S.
  • Current research indicates that the remodeling industry is expected to continue to grow 2% every year through 2025.

Adding to the value of a property is certainly a good enough reason to tackle the work that it will take to embark on a new kitchen design. When you realize, however, that Houzz reports that 33% of home owners indicate they change to a healthier lifestyle after remodeling their kitchen, you realize that these efforts are even more worthwhile.