Tips For Donating Your Old Clothing Here In The United States


Here in the United States, there are many ways to give back to charity and many people who do so. In fact, nearly three quarters of the population of this country is making at least one type of charitable donation on a yearly basis. For many people, this will involve a sum of money being donated to a charity of choice. For others, it will involve a donation of goods, many of them already gently used.

Such is the case for those who donate clothes to Red Cross locations. Just about anyone can donate clothes to Red Cross charities, as more and more people own more and more clothes in today’s day and age. After all, the average woman now owns as many as 30 outfits, up from an average of nine total outfits just 90 or so years ago. And the average home of today (at least here in the United States, that is) will contain as many as 300,000 different objects – if not even more than that – making it quite cluttered indeed. In just one year, however, more things will be brought into the typical home, with the average person consuming up to 68 new garments and up to seven new pairs of shoes in this span of time.

Therefore, most of us can stand to part with a good deal of possessions, giving them away when we choose to donate clothes to Red Cross locations. Parting with our clothing can be difficult, but there are a number of different ways to make it easier to decide what to hold onto and what to donate to an organization such as the Red Cross. For instance, people who live in parts of the country where there are only one or two seasons should be donating everything that they haven’t worn in at least six months. Donating anything that no longer fits is also a good idea, as well as anything that you simply don’t like anymore.

Cleaning out your closet can feel great, but it’s important to donate clothes to Red Cross locations here in the United States or another similar organization instead of simply throwing them away. Already, we create far too much trash not just here in the United States but all throughout the world as a whole. The data unfortunately backs this up, showing that the typical adult is likely to throw away up to ten full pounds of clothing each and every year that passes by – unless they take conscious steps to change this fact, that is.

And choosing to donate clothes to Red Cross locations can be hugely beneficial to many people at the end of the day. After all, even the smallest used clothing donations can end up making more of a difference than you might at first realize. And choosing to donate clothes to Red Cross locations is ideal, as the American Red Cross provides a wide array of services and will always be grateful for the clothes donations that they are able to receive. For not only do they provide clothing to those who are in need, but shelter, food, blood, and blankets as well. And the vast majority of all American Red Cross locations are open every single hour of the day and every single day of the year, providing shelter and aid even on holidays, both major and minor alike.

At the end of the day, there is no underestimating the power of change here in the United States. Waste is a huge problem in this country and in our world as a whole, but there are steps that we can take to change this. Choosing to donate clothes to Red Cross locations instead of simply throwing them away is one way in which such changes can occur, as is buying used clothing that’s in good shape instead of making a purchase of cheaply made brand new clothing. Even the smallest of steps towards sustainability in our world matters, no matter who you are or where you might live. We all must believe that we can make a difference.