The Average Carpet Today Holds Four Times Its Weight In Dirt The Health Benefits Of Steam Cleaning


A clean carpet is necessary to live a healthy life. Think that sounds too extreme? Just look at some of these health statistics.

A carpet that hasn’t been cleaned in a while can hold several times its own weight in dirt. Mold and bacteria can not just grow in a neglected carpet, but actively impact the indoor air quality of the room. Just vacuuming isn’t enough. You have to get to the root of the problem and remove all the little irritants that make your property a worse place to live. No task is better suited than truck mount steam carpet cleaning.

Able to remove the majority of particles and kill stubborn pests, truck mount steam carpet cleaning is the best resource for today’s property owners. Here’s how it works.

Indoor Air Pollution Is Much Worse Than You Think

It’s easy to think outdoor air pollution is a worse hazard to your health. That’s where all the smog and pollen is, right? As it turns out…indoor air pollution is far more hazardous. Indoor air has been found to contain twice as much dust as the air outside, equaling a million microscopic particles in a cubic inch. When you add that up with various contaminants like dust mites, pet dander, and bacteria, this is one equation that completes itself.

Allergies And Illness Are Actively Made Worse By Dirty Carpets

Do you find your eyes watering for no reason when you return home? How about a strange cough you can’t seem to shake? These are common signs of indoor air pollution getting out of hand. Allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the United States, with more than 50 million American adults and children suffering every year. Some of these allergies can even be deadly, such as those with compromised immune system disorders or acute bronchitis.

Many People Today Are Unaware Of How Dirty Their Carpet Is

Too many homeowners and property owners alike think vacuuming once a month is enough. According to recent health surveys on indoor air pollution, this is far from the case. While vacuuming is helpful at removing surface debris, much of what lies beneath will be passed over in favor of a superficial result. A carpet can contain up to four times its weight in both soil and dust. One survey found 75% of people admitting they walk on their carpets while wearing outdoor shoes.

Mold, Pet Dander, And Dirt Are Just A Few Of Your Troubles

Just how much junk does your carpet contain? Alongside mold, pet dander, and dirt you also have to contend with dust mites. These tiny insects thrive in environments with a temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit or more, with a 65% humidity or higher. Over 2,000 dust mites are able to survive in just one ounce of carpet dust, as long as there are plenty of dead skin cells for them to feed upon. Today at least 10% of Americans are actively allergic to not just pet dander, but the aftermath of too many dust mites and the particles they live in.

Truck Mount Steam Carpet Cleaning Is Eco-Friendly And Reliable

When vacuuming isn’t enough, truck mount steam carpet cleaning can dig beneath the surface and catch what you missed. As many as 40% of people today have never had their carpet professionally cleaned, a dismal reality that can be easily fixed by calling a carpet cleaning service. Hot water extraction kills bacteria and destroys dust mites, improving the quality of your air almost immediately. Green carpet cleaning services also eliminate the source of mold and suck up stubborn, clinging dirt. When in doubt…just buff it out.

Don’t subject your residents to a filthy carpet. Reach out to carpet cleaning Seattle services and ask how you can steamroll the most common source of indoor air pollution.