A Closer Look At Long Term Care Here In The United States


The population of elderly people is one that is growing here in the United States, picking up as the Baby Boomer generation ages. In fact, the data gathered on the subject more than backs this up, showing that this growth began back in the year of 2011 – and will continue on until about the year of 2030. For many people, this will involve new challenges, as long term care becomes necessary for nearly three quarters (around 70%, to be just a little bit more exact) of the elderly population.

Long term care can become necessary for a number of different reasons. For one thing, elderly people become more and more prone to injury simply due to instability, and falls make up many an injury sustained. These falls usually take place within the home – oftentimes the bathroom – and it is often harder for an elderly person to recover from such a fall than it would be for a child or a healthy adult. Falling can cause broken bones, the need for surgery, which in and of itself can open the gateway to infection. And when an elderly person is living alone and falls, help might come too late entirely.

For many others, dementia becomes an all too real reality for the rest of their lives. With over 100 different types of dementia diagnosed throughout the world – and here in the United States, of course – dementia cases can vary quite a bit. It is Alzheimer’s disease, however, that makes up the brunt of all dementia diagnoses – as many as 80% of them. When we look in nursing homes all throughout the country, we find that very nearly 65% of the elderly population living there has some form of dementia. These dementia patients are often not able to care for themselves, necessitating them to live in a rehab facility near me.

From rehab facilities in near me to long term care facilities near me as well, there are a number of different places that elderly people can go live in. Rehab facilities in near me and the like have become more popular and commonplace than ever before, both here in the United States and all throughout the world as well. In fact, rehab facilities in near me only represent, of course, a very small fraction of rehab facilities and assisted living facilities in the world as a whole.

Rehab facilities in near me are often the ideal solution for dementia patients, whether they have Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia diagnosed and progressing. This is even likely to be the case for those would ideally want to live at home as long as they can. After all, elderly people often fear becoming a burden to their family members more than anything else – but this is unfortunately what typically happens when they are given over to family care.

Family care is often taken on by well meaning and loving family members. However, the strain of this care can be immense, greatly disrupting and negatively impacting the lives of those who take it on. In addition to this, such family members and loved ones often simply do not have the training and resources to take on such care, and find themselves struggling to provide the care that is needed by the patient while still meeting their own needs – and the needs of the other members of the household as well, such as those of a partner or children (or, as is likely the case, both).

For many patients, getting care in rehab facilities in near me is the best option. In rehab facilities in near me, round the clock care can typically be provided, thus improving the safety of all of the people who live there. Rehab facilities in near me and all throughout the world also often provide a greater sense of community and more opportunities for socialization and leisure activities – and even sometime romance -than what would be possible if living with family members still trying, to some extent, to live their own lives.