The Transition to Senior Living Made Easy


Moving a loved one into a senior independent living complex can be hard. You want your grandparents, parents, or other family members to remain as independent as possible, but are also concerned for their safety and wellbeing—and you also think your grandpa has earned the right to not have to mow his own yard anymore. If you or your family member are apprehensive about how transitioning into a senior living facility will impact their quality of life, do not worry, it is a common stress that people have at this time. Here are the best healthy activity suggestions for seniors who are experiencing this change in their life.

Try your hand at art. Even if you went your whole life saying you were worthless with a paintbrush and didn’t have much of a hand for crafts, choosing to flex your artistic muscle is a fun, new way to stimulate the brain. Art can come in more forms than simply painting pictures, too; you may find that sewing, photography, or scrapbooking is a simulating activity that encourages dexterity in the fingers and happiness in the heart.

Take a dip in the pool. Swimming is not only a great way to pass the time; it may also provide you some relief for ailments such as osteoarthritis, a condition where the cartilage of joints breaks down and causes pain. Swimming is a gentle, low impact form of exercise that is easier on the body than other activities. Swimming and water aerobics will help to keep your cardiovascular system running efficiently, releases endorphins, and encourages good posture. Find out if your local senior housing facility or gym has a water aerobics program for seniors.

Donate a little bit of your time. You are likely surrounded by volunteer events to keep your mind sharp and give you a little bit of social time in your community. You may be able to donate your time as a reading tutor at your local elementary school, or you can man booths at fundraising events. Even just a few hours of volunteerism can add a social color to your new life of senior living. Many schools and other facilities have partnerships with senior living communities to provide you with this opportunity.

Go for a walk with a friend. Do you know if your new senior living community has a track, trails, or any open areas that might be ideal for a nice stroll in the afternoons? This simple activity gets the blood flowing just a little bit and helps install independence and self worth. A ten minute promenade with a friend will help boost your morale, your social outlook, and your physical standing.

Learn a new card game. This may be a cliched senior living activity, but it is so popular for a reason. If you are struggling with mobility issues, joining a card group is an excellent way to keep your mind stimulated and find wonderful new friends to talk to. Cards keep your cognitive and thinking skills sharp by repeatedly using the synapses in the brain.

Commit to a schedule with your family.There are many different options for a new member to the senior living to choose from, but none will bring you as much reward and happiness as knowing exactly when your friends and family are coming to visit you. Talk with your loved ones to set up a schedule so you know what days and what times your children and grandchildren will be coming by. This keeps you in the loop with your family and allows you to socialize with those you care about.

Transitioning to senior living is a huge step in life, but there are many options available to you and your family to keep you feeling happy, fulfilled, stimulated, and healthy. Seniors who choose a handful of these activities to participate in will know it was worth it in the long run.