Giving Used Clothing Makes a Difference in Everyone’s Life


Do you have clothing that sits in the back of your closet and never gets used? You’re not sure what to do with them, but it feels like a waste of money to throw everything away. Americans everywhere go through over 19 billion clothing items a year, including shoes. If you have an overabundance of clothes, here’s a few reasons why American Red Cross clothing donations are an ideal way to help others with items you no longer need.

You Help Those in Need Directly

If you have items that are unused or generally good condition, you can help someone directly by donating to a charity that helps others. When you donate clothes to an organization, they match the items to an individual in need, ensuring that your contributions help someone who needs them. That means for individuals who lost everything they own in a flood, fire, or natural disaster, you can feel comfortable knowing your things are going directly to them for their benefit. Since Americans throw away over 10 pounds of clothes a year, this is a great way to keep the cycle moving without getting rid of perfectly good items.

Your Donations Are Tax Deductible

One of the benefits of making used clothing donations is the fact that you can write off the amount of the items you donate. All items donated to charity are tax-deductible for the value that the items sell for. Don’t think that the only way you can help charities is through direct monetary donations. Many can and will accept your home goods and clothing as long as they’re in good condition.

You Help the Planet by Giving Clothing Donations

Donating your clothing helps the planet by recycling things that are no longer needed, rather than ensuring they end up in a landfill. If you’ve thought about putting your items to use, helping through American Red Cross clothing donations means there are fewer materials being created, and thus less overall waste for the planet. Giving away things you no longer need that are in good condition makes a difference for everyone, including the earth we all share together.