Five Benefits of Buying a House in the Winter Months


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Are you hesitant about buying real estate in the winter months? The real estate market tends to decline slightly during the winter months and then pick up again in the spring. While the market is a little slower, it does not mean that you have to wait until next year to purchase a house for sale. In fact, you might notice the following benefits to purchasing during the winter months.

You have the ability to negotiate more
Because there are so many buyers on the market in the spring, sellers are less likely to negotiate with you. They can easily turn down your offer and find another buyer quickly. The winter months, however, there are not as many buyers. So, if they want to sell quickly or they do not want to leave their home on the market all winter, they are more likely to consider your negotiated price. You can even negotiate in seller?s concessions, included appliances, and quicker closing times.

You can request heating utility bills
New homeowners often wonder what their utility bills will cost. Additionally, about 32% of people looking to buy new homes are first time home buyers. It can be difficult to gauge an accurate estimate because the cost of utilities depends on so many factors. Just a few of the factors include the size of the house, the age of the HVAC unit, and how well the HVAC unit has been maintained. While you can request utility bills from the seller, they might not have access to the heat bills during the spring and summer months. In the winter, they are receiving heat bills each month and if they choose to, can share this information with you.

You can get an idea of snow conditions
Some homes are set up for easier snow removal. For example, if you live on flat land, it is fairly simple to shovel the snow out of the driveway and off of the sidewalks. However, if your driveway is on a large hill, it can be more difficult to fully remove all of the snow. When you look at a house for sale in the winter months, you can get a better idea of the snow removal conditions. About 44% of home buyers currently look online for properties. However, looking online does not give you a good idea of the snow removal process.

You can get an idea of holiday decorating
Having your own house during the holidays can be magical. You can decorate the interior and the exterior as you want. You can invite all of your family and friends over for holiday celebrations. When you view a house during the spring and summer months, it can be difficult to imagine the house decorated for the holidays or entertaining for the holidays. When you view houses during the winter months, you can get an idea of the decorating possibilities. Depending on when you begin your buying process, you might even be in your own house before the holidays.

Less pressure to find a house quickly
Approximately 52% of home buyers cited finding the right property as the most difficult part of buying a home. You might look at a house for sale after house for sale for many weeks, and find nothing that meets your buying needs. When you begin looking in the winter, you are likely to feel less rushed. Your realtor knows that there are not as many houses for sale on the market. They are also likely to have fewer clients, meaning you will get their full attention. You will have more access to open houses and first looks at new houses.

The busiest real estate time is in the spring. Many buyers and sellers wait until this time to list or buy. However, there can be many advantages to buying in the winter months. You have less competition, more negotiating power, and you do not have to feel rushed as you look at a new house for sale. Don?t wait until the spring to begin your house buying process.