Why It’s Important to Work With a Local Real Estate Agent From Finding the Right New Property to Selling Your Existing One


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Are you experiencing difficulty finding the right property to purchase? A recent survey found that this was the case with 52% of home buyers. In fact, the participants in this survey stated that it was the most difficult aspect of purchasing a home. If you are also finding this to be a challenge, have you considered working with a real estate agent? When surveyed, 78% of recent buyers indicated that their real estate agent was a source of very useful information.

Since a real estate agent is up-to-date on real estate listings, they are able to streamline the search process for you. When you meet with a realtor, you can provide them with details on the type of home you would like to purchase. Furthermore, when you’re already interested in a specific location or community, they will be able to narrow the search accordingly. If you’re open to purchasing a home in a variety of neighborhoods, then your real estate agent will take that into consideration as well.

Are you buying a house for the first time? Currently, 32% of the people planning to buy a new house are doing so for the first time. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a single-family home, Zillow indicates that 83% of prospective buyers are within this category as well. There are, of course, other types of properties that may be currently available, such as duplexes and other multi-family properties.

If you’re planning to sell your existing home to purchase a second one, your real estate agent will be able to assist you with this as well. When you’ve already found the property you want to purchase and haven’t sold your existing property yet, there may be several reasons why it’s been on the market for longer than you expected. Does you current home have wood floors? If so, then you may be pleased to learn that 54% of buyers will pay more for this welcome feature.

Another significant selling factor is curb appeal. Since almost all real estate agents, will encourage you to invest in landscaping before selling a house, this may be what’s needed to sell your house faster. When you have a landscape designer create beautiful landscaping around your home,iIt’s possible that you will receive a 100% return on this investment.

Whether you’re buying and/or selling a house, working closely with a real estate agent can make a significant difference. Once you move into your new home, you’ll be able to tell family and friends that your real estate agent was a valuable resource throughout the process.