4 Steps for Selling Your Home Without a Realtor


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Many homeowners across the nation are looking to sell their homes. It’s essential that you receive the highest value possible for your home. However, you’ll find that realtor fees often eat into a huge chunk of your home’s selling price. It makes sense for someone to want to sell their home without paying someone a large commission to complete this task. Here are four great tips for selling a house on your own.

  1. Finding a Proper Sale Price

    The first step for selling a home is knowing how much the property is worth. It’s understandable you might not know where to go about accessing this information. Luckily, you can often find out information about your home’s value from the internet. There are many websites available that disclose the price of homes that are near you. You don’t have to sell your home for its estimated value. HGTV recommends dropping 15-20% off the retail value of a home when selling it.
  2. Get the Home Listed Online

    Statistics show that 44% of potential home buyers view house listings online. Having your website displayed on websites listing homes for sale is essential. There are other methods of getting information out to the world about your new listing. Many newspapers have sections where consumers can place an ad. You’ll often find homes for sale in many local newspapers throughout the nation. It’s wise to focus your early efforts solely on getting the home listed online. Having your home listed on a website increases the chance it begins to appear in certain search engine results.
  3. Consider a Video Walk Through of the Property

    A successful home listing often contains many pictures. Potential home buyers, especially those using the internet, want to see as much of a listing as possible. Statistics show that homeowners receive 100% of their return on investment from money spent on the curb appeal of a home. The last thing you want as a seller is a wave of buyers thinking you’re trying to hide something from them. A recent innovation seen on many home listing websites is the video walk through. A video walk through allows buyers to feel like they’re walking through a property. Having this video on your listing is great for interested buyers that are unable to make it to your location right away.
  4. Protecting Yourself from Unqualified Buyers

    You’ll save money by not hiring a Realtor but there a few extra tasks you’ll need to handle. Everyone listing their house for sale is likely to meet with many potential buyers. You don’t want to waste valuable time on people who have no intention of purchasing your property. It’s wise to have a potential buyer approved as soon as possible. You’ll want to have a mortgage letter be included with any written offer that comes your way.

In closing, you’ll find that is quite simple to sell a home without a Realtor. The first step to take when selling your house is to determine its selling price. The selling price of a home isn’t always what it is worth. If you’re needing to sell a house fast, you might consider dropping the price to make it a bargain listing. You’ll want to ensure that your home is listed everywhere possible including newspapers and websites. Certain websites allow you to record and submit a video walk through of your home. You can’t go about selling a house without accepting an offer from a buyer. It’s wise to ensure any offers come from clients that are qualified which allows you to sell as fast as possible. Selling a house is a great feeling made even better without paying a Realtor.