Looking for a New Apartment? Refer to Local Apartment Guide


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Are you one of the 35.9 million people in the United States that move every year? The average American, for example, may move up to 12 times throughout their life.

Whether you’re moving away from home for the first time to campus housing, or from campus housing to off campus housing, you may be looking for an apartment guide to assist you.

Are you attending college in the same state? A different state? Or perhaps you’re attending a semester abroad in another country? You might be interested to know that when Americans move, 9.8% do so within the same state and 1.55% do so to a different state. Less than one percent move to another country, however.

In addition to moving away for college, many people move because they want a better home or apartment. A recent survey showed that this applies to 14.8% of the people that have recently moved. According to 2014 data from the American Community Survey, 36.90% of households rent, rather than own, their home or apartment.

Almost 50% of the people that move do so from the beginning of May up through Labor Day. If you’re looking for your first or a new apartment, you’ll want to refer to an apartment guide for available units. If you’re moving into student housing, however, you’ve probably already made arrangements well in advance.

If this is your first home-away-from-home, then you are probably excited about decorating your apartment. Furthermore, you’re also probably a bit curious about what types of apartment amenities will be available, such as laundry facilities, weight rooms, club houses, and pools.

When you’re a student, it makes sense to live in an apartment complex that is close to your college campus or job. This can help cut down on travel time, which is important when you have a structured schedule.

Are you planning to live alone or share an apartment with other students or friends? According to an American Community Survey, the median amount of rent in 2014 was $934. As a result, you may want to consider having one or more roommates while you’re in college.

When you’re a renter, It’s important to know your, as well as your landlord’s, rights and responsibilities. First of all, your landlord is responsible for ensuring that your apartment is in a livable condition. If essential repairs aren’t made within 21 days, you are able to make a formal complaint and file suit with the Small Claims or Housing Court.

it’s also important to know that when your lease has ended and you move out, that your landlord must return your security deposit within 30 days.

When you refer to a local apartment guide, it is much easier than driving or walking around a neighborhood looking for an apartment. An apartment guide will list available units, prices, as well as other important information.